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World’s Top Expensive Hotels

Nowadays hotels play very important when people go out for a vacation. The important use of the hotels is to provide them with goods and services based upon the commercial such as refreshment, food, shelter. An expensive hotel means it is being degraded on the purpose of overuse.  It has the ability to deliver a large amount of money because the amount paid by the guests can experience the high standards in the hotels.


The Grand Penthouse at the Mark, New York

World’s Top Expensive Hotelsvia

The Grand Penthouse is considered one of the most expensive hotels all over the world. This hotel is designed by Jacques Grange which is being situated in the top two floors of Mark Hotel. The meals provided by Chef Jean- George are so delicious to eat.

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The features of this hotel are associated with the six bathrooms, five bedrooms, a dining hall, a library lounge, and two wet bars. You can get excellent views from Central Park from the rooftop terrace and Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

The Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson, Genevavia

This hotel is on the second top of the luxurious hotels all over the world. Most of the famous guests such as Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Bill Gates, and Michael Douglas often visit this suite. If you are able to views properly, there is another way of making you get to relax by watching the favorite shows on Olufsen BeoVision flat and gigantic Bang. And you can also play the piano placed in the living area.



The Royal Penthouse Suite has the twelve bedrooms, as it is being associated with the bathrooms with beautiful marbles. It also contains a dining room, billiard room, Jacuzzi, gym and a living area which is lavish.


Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Season, New York

Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Season, New Yorkvia

Ty Warner Penthouse is expensive based on the facilities available in this hotel. According to a report, this hotel was built for seven years and a large amount of money is invested. There is worth paying money to a hotel because of the designs and the architecture work.


When compared with all the other hotels, this hotel has only one room based on the luxuries provided in the room. The design is enclosed with the Chinese onyx, Venetian Velvet, Japanese silk and is made up of rock crystal.


Delana Hilltop Estate, Laucala Island, Fiji

Delana Hilltop Estate, Laucala Island, Fijivia

Delana Hilltop Estate is considered as one of the topmost luxurious hotels in the world. This hotel is being associated with so many facilities that can satisfy the want of the guests who visit this hotel.


There is a very big resort island gateway with the average square feet space of 120 thousand. As it also includes some facilities as swimming pool, guest residences, private cook, Horse riding, and the scuba diving.

 big resort island gateway via

Therefore in order to avail a luxurious experience you have to visit these hotels and have good leisure time with friends and family.



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