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Top places in India which are known for Adventures and you should not miss if you are an adventure lover

Being curious and wanting more is normal human nature so is wanting to explore more adventurous places. If you're tired of seeing the same familiar places all the time you'll definitely want to see other places where you can have more adventure and more experiences. That's not going to be a difficult task because in India there are so many places for you to have a good adventure. You can choose from a variety of places that are packed with good adventure sites.


Here is a list of the top places you should definitely visit in India if you're an adventure lover, there's nothing wrong with wanting to explore more. 

Ladakh - Ladakh is often referred to as the land of many monasteries and is located at the highest altitude in India. It has the perfect topography for trekking and rifting. It has the Chadar Trek, this is a famous trek on a frozen river that takes place in Ladakh. And then there's also the Zanskar valley for you to go rafting.

Adventure in Ladakhvia



Gulmarg - this town is located in Baramulla district of Kashmir and Jammu, it has a scenario that will make you feel like your in a typical village in Switzerland due to its identical surroundings and features. Gulmarg is located at a high elevation and constantly experiences heavy snowfall which covers the entire town most of the time. Because of the constant snowfall, heli-skiing has become a popular sport there.

Rope in Gulmargvia


Rishikesh- Rishikesh is a very famous tourist spot and consider as the holy city in India. This place offers various types of adventures to its visitors. As river Ganges flows through this town with that comes river rafting. It is also a great center for trekking, camping bungee jumping, and whatnot. Who doesn’t want to fly high in the sky with a great view and lots of excitement, no one right? If one wants to enjoy that feel one can try Flying fox over there.

river raftingvia


Andaman Islands - the Andaman islands in India are located at the south of the country and are the union territory of India. The islands are filled with several water activities like snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. You can also go scuba diving to explore sea life closer and also shipwrecks underneath the water.

Andaman islands


Bandhavgarh National Park 


if you'll love to see more wildlife then the Bandhavgarh National Park is your go-to place. The national park is located in Madhya Pradesh and is famous for having animals like elephants, large tigers and other wild animals all in their natural habitat.

 tigers in bandhavgarh National Parkvia


Meghalaya-East - Meghalaya is blessed with having several massive caves. The caves are interconnected and are an amazing place for you to have an adventure with friends. The cave is also surrounded by green forest and nestled among the waterfalls. You'll probably have a hard time trying to climb up the caves but with the beauty and wonderful structures of the caves, it's going to be worth the try.

Meghalaya-East know for deep forest


Manali - Manali is the ideal place for you to go to if you want to enjoy the best trekking spot for you. The town is located in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. With its beautiful valleys, you'll get to have the best places to trek and also carry out biking expeditions.


They are several villages that you'll bypass when trekking through the valley or when enjoying your biking expeditions.

Manali one of the best place in india for touringvia


There it is, a list of adventure places for everyone who loves going on adventures to visit in India. You can choose any of the places and schedule your visit in a year. These Places will refresh your mind and make you feel good.


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