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Top cities in the world which are known for their enchanting New Year celebration

Like other festivals celebrating New Year Eve has become the part and parcel of our life.  The night out with friends or family and celebrating in a special place will give you a much-needed relaxation from the work- alcoholic lifestyle. Visiting a particular place and celebrating a new year with lovable ones has become the trend these days. People tend to fly to some other places to welcome the New Year in a grand manner.

Top cities in the world which are known for their enchanting New Year celebrationvia

Some of the cities have emerged as the best destinations to celebrate the New Year these days. Night parties, drinks and lightening hotels, and luxurious villas in those places attract the tourists to celebrate their new year at that place. Here is the list of few cities 5that are known for enchanting New Year celebration these days:


Sydney Australia:

No wonder Sydney finds a place in the list because beautiful city covering with wonderful flowers all over the city is the best tourist destinations in Australia over the years.

Sydney Australiavia

Specially organized New Year events, the wonderful display of fireworks and lightning make the city one of the best places to welcome the New Year with a bang. Special arrangements made for the tourists at the opera house and Harbor Bridge helps the people to celebrate the New Year eve in such a grand manner.

Madeira islands, Portugal:

The ancient city of Portugal known for its rich cultural heritage and tradition is always remains as the best place to celebrate the New Year eve. 

how to celebrate new year in Madeira islands, Portugalvia

It is really amazing to witness the wonderful lighting and decoration of colored lamps across the city will definitely make your New Year celebration so special. When the ancient clock at Funchal square strikes 12 am then the beautiful display of lighting and fireworks are always a treat to watch. The famous firework display also earned them a new Guinness record in 2006 for the largest display of fireworks in the world.


Edinburgh, Scotland:

how to celebrate new year in Edinburgh, Scotlandvia

The city which is known for traditional New Year celebration Edinburgh has a wide range of history behind its New Year celebrations.


Here the New Year celebrations will start two days before and end at the New Year night and the celebrations are also popularly called celebrations. Crazing dancing in the streets and beautiful display of lighting and fireworks with music concerts by internationally popular musicians across the world made the celebrations more unique and grand. Lots of people are visiting the city during those days and celebrate their New Year eve in a grand manner.

Berlin, Germany:

how to celebrate new year in Berlin, Germanyvia

Brandenburger gate is traditionally famous for New Year celebrations nearly 1 million people will gather the New Year night to welcome the day with a bang. Stage shows, music concerts light and laser events in the streets of Berlin make it as a grand occasion.  Foot courts and drink stands are also there to enjoy the marvelous night with full enjoyment.


The New Year is one of the grandest occasions to celebrate so try to celebrate the new year by visiting those places that will provide the much-needed relaxation and helps you to understand the tradition, culture, and glory of the particular city.


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