Things to know about Burj Al Arab - Luxurious Hotel in Dubai

Burj Al Arab is an engineering marvel of the highest order, and it has become the poster boy of the United Arab Emirates tourism. Its fascinating architecture that flirts with the heights of the sky is in itself a reason for travelers to visit Dubai besides other scintillating colors of Abu Dhabi. While you only know Burj Al Arab Jumeirah as a lavish hotel being exceptionally tall, there is more to its story. 


So, we bring you the most astonishing facts about Burj Al Arab which will help you have a greater insight into this fabulous icon of Dubai which is 321 meters high. 


1. Burj Al Arab has a legit pillow menu! 

Would you believe it? You must have heard of hotels and restaurants having elaborative menus for delicacies and desserts but this hotel also has a menu for pillows. There are 9 different types of pillows available. Guests can choose from a wide range of pillows. From relaxing leg pillows to Arab silk pillows and so on, the list just goes on and on. Which one will you choose on your visit? 


2. The long story of the marvelous construction 


Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is not a structure that was completed in a year or so. The carefully and deliberately designed structure has exquisite attention to each detail and it took 5 years for this spectacular hotel to stand this tall. A Canadian Engineer, Rick Gregory was given the responsibility for the design and construction of this fascinating building. This is only a personification of the well-known fact that good things take time.

The construction of the iconic landmark began in 1994 and then a timeline of 5 years followed. The construction was divided into two parts. It first took 2 years to reclaim the man-made island it is built on and then 3 years to construct the hotel building. Isn't that an astonishing fact? The construction involved around 2000 workers during the peak stages of it. 

You would only be amazed to know that as much as 70,000 cubic meters of concrete and 9000 tons of steel were used to make this plan a pleasant reality and perhaps the most gorgeous of all. The building is supported by more than 250 columns. After years of construction, it was finally open to the general public on December 1, 1999. 

Burj al arab hotel


3. What if we tell you that the terrace came from Finland?

Believe it or not! The terrace of this world-renowned hotel was shipped from Finland! The structure of the terrace which is one of its kind was constructed in a cruise ship and yacht building facility in Finland. This structure was then shipped to UAE in 6 components. 


4. The helipad has hosted a Roger Federer tennis game!

Now, this is hard to believe but it is true, to say the least! The Helipad at Burj Al Arab has its own stories of stardom to tell and this is one of them. Roger Federer and Andre Agassi actually played a tennis match on the makeshift tennis court at the helipad. This fact is something we bet you did not know! 


5. Hermes amenity in each room 

Oh yes, talk about complimentary hotel amenities! This hotel has full-sized Hermes amenities in each room! Now that is one good reason to book a room there on your next visit to Dubai. This hotel certainly takes hospitality to a whole new level. Hermes is an exquisite and luxury fashion brand from France dealing in perfumes, lifestyle accessories, and other goods. Since the hotel is lavish by all means, the room accessories come from the fashion dens of Paris. Unlike other hotels. here there is fine attention to each detail especially when it comes to hospitality. 

Burj al arab roomvia


6. A turtle hospital in the hotel? 

There is more than one reason why this hotel is one of its kind. One of the most fascinating things about this hotel is the fact that it has a designated turtle hospital that treats injured and sick turtles in collaboration with wildlife authorities of Dubai. Now that is what reflects a mammoth heart of this mammoth set up. 



7. Gold leaves bless the interiors 

24- carat gold leaves were used to embellish the interiors and the area is around 1790 square meters to be exact. Now that is something class apart, isn't it? Not just the outer structure but the inner aesthetic beauty of the hotel too has been thought off with a lot of creativity and every corner speaks for it. 


8. Gold tiles for the two pools 

The pools are lavish too just like every other thing about this place. Burj Al Arab has twin pools at the terrace marked with plush surroundings. One is the 612 square meters freshwater pool and the other one is a saltwater pool spanning across 828 square meters and seems like blending gracefully into the sea. Over 10 million gold and azure tiles were used to design the two pools in the hotel compound which again speaks for how affluent this place is. The terrace is also home to 4 exquisite Jacuzzis. 


So, these were some of the best lesser-known or rather unknown facts about Burj Al Arab which narrate the glorious tale of the palace-like hotel. Needless to say, a visit to this hotel is once in a lifetime experience and worth every penny that you end up spending to lodge here. It is certainly one of the worthiest things on this planet.