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List of Cheapest Currency in the world and where India has greater value

If you ask people about the most valuable currencies today many of them would be able to mention the US dollars, pounds, Euro and the Canadian dollars etc but what about the cheapest currencies in the world?. As valuable as some currencies may be, others are well close to nothing. Some countries have currencies whose value is laughable compared to the Indian Rupees and other currencies in the world.


So here is a list of the cheapest currencies in the world compared to the Indian rupees (INR).

1. IRR / Iranian rial

The IRR better still known as To man is the currency of Iran, it is the cheapest and least valuable currency in the world. Even though Iran is blessed with a natural source of oil and other minerals, due to the Iran and Iraq war, attacks on Israel and the developing of nuclear weapons. This has led to sanctions from the worlds top nations, Iran is not allowed to export oil which is their main resource. All these have had a harsh reaction on their currency.

1 INR = 606.35 IRR

2. VND / Vietnamese Dong

The Vietnamese Dong is one of the cheapest currencies in the world, Vietnam is a socialist country in southeast Asia. It is still facing a hard time transitioning from the centralized type of economy to the market one. The Vietnamese wars hard a rough impact on its economy even though stable today. 

1 INR = 334.10 VND

3. STD / Sao Tome Dobra

The STD is the currency of the Sao Tome and Principe, Sao Tome and Principe consist of two small islands in West Africa which are referred to as Sao Tome and Principe. These Islands export coconut, coffee, and cacao.  All the sales made from these exports is still not enough to sustain its economy but things could be better with the oil that has been found in Sao Tome.

1 INR = 310 STD

4. IDR / Indonesia

The IDR is the Indonesian currency, unlike other countries listed Indonesia actually has s steady and growing economy which is definitely going to see the value of the currency increase with time. the government of the country is also doing their best to improve the exchange rate.

1 INR = 206 IDR

5. PYG / Paraguay guarani

Paraguay is the second poorest South American country and it is also reflected on its currency. The disastrous economic downturn in the country has let to high inflation, high unemployment rate, corruption, low quality of education and an overall poor standard of living.

When compared to the Indian rupees (INR), 1 is equal to 88.7114 PYG.

6. GNF / Guinea

The Guinean Franc is the currency of Guinea which is an Africa country, it is a country rich with natural resources like bauxite, gold, adamant and aluminum etc, but has a poor economy. The country also has the potential to increase its economy through farming and fishing but all these seem impossible due to the high inflation rate, low standard of living and gangsters property.

1 INR = 132.92 GNF

7. SRR / Sierra Leonean Leone

The Sierra Leonean Leone is the currency of Sierra Leone which has one of the poorest economies in the world. It is amongst the least developed countries in the world and has faced a lot of dark events in the past like civil wars, and deadly viruses like the Ebola outbreak recently. Even though the Gross domestic product has increased over the years in the country, the SLL has shown no sign of adding value.

1 INR = 128.17 SLL

Don't you feel rich after knowing these interesting facts about your own INR? Indian Currency value may be little less than some major developed countries like USA, UK but still, it has some high range and floating above than above-mentioned countries. So if you want to voyage those places, you can go for it easily. Now Roaming makes you feel RICHE RICH!!! Isn't it?


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