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List of 5 Dangerous Railway Tracks in the world

Have you ever feel the fear while traveling by train? The train journey is not always comfortable or soothing, sometimes it can double your heartbeat and make you feel the journey so exciting and full of thrilling experiences.

Today, we are going to discuss those risky and dangerous train tracks in the world!  Do you ever cross any risky train track in your tour? If yes, then you already have the experienced and kissed the death so closely but If you are an adventure lover and yet not visit any of those dangerous train track then just pack your bag and tighten the shoeless. 

Let's the journey begins! Mindstood presenting you the "list of 5 Railway tracks in the world ".

1. Chennai - Rameshwaram Route IndiaThere are very few people who don't know about this Chennai-Rameshwaram Route in India. This is scary as well as full of thrilling and adventurous train track which you don't want to miss. The main attraction of this tour is the Pamban Bridge which is standing there since 1948 and it is 1.4 miles long and it crosses the sea of 2034 meters to land you at the Rameshwaram island. This cantilever construction is the finest example of Indian Engineering skills. While passing the sea route the dangerous whirlwind can double or triple your fear, as this sea wind can easily throw you out from the track. 

Chennai rameshwaram railway track


2. Aso Minami Route, JapanJapan is high in technology and it is also high for the death journey. Yes, another risky and scary death bead, the Aso Minami railway track which is situated at the lap of the most active volcano in the world and you never know when it erupts! Tourists prefer to visit here in November, to be the eyewitness of this adventurous hot lava eruption from the volcano, near the forest. 

Dangerous railway track



3. Argo Gede Train Railroad, Indonesia: Another risky and adventurous railway track between Jakarta and Bandung is this Argo Gede train Railroad. While traveling by this train tourists pass through the green fields, deep river valley, and mountains which make the whole atmosphere scary. It becomes more dangerous when it crosses the 300 meters of distance through Cikubang bridge which stands there since 1906 and it is the longest as well as thrilling railway track in Indonesia. The height of this bridge is 80 meters from the river level of Cikubang. Due to its terrifying height, it can be clearly shown from the highway of Padalarang and Plered which has become the tourist spot nowadays. 

Dangerous railway track in world


4. The Death Railway, Thailand: The name of the track itself reveals the story of the railway track. Burma Railway is known as the death railway of Thailand due to its horrifying railway line. As per history, more than one hundred thousand labors died during this construction. While crossing the bridge the scenario becomes more thrilling, that an adventurous person like you will indeed enjoy that moment. It looks awesome while crossing the river, a wonderful jungle, and the mountains. This train attracts lots of tourists till now. If you are thinking to have a ride here, then just pack your bag and let's go!

Death track


5. Tren A Las Nubes, Argentina: Tren A Lad Nubes, is the local name, it means the Train to the Clouds, this is one of the greatest and memorable journeys of S.Argetina. It will take 16 hours to cover the distance of 270 miles and reach to the city of Salta. This rail track has a great impact on Argentian tourism, tourist enjoys the rides when it passes through the lowland ranches and tobacco fields. It is the fifth highest railway track in the world. These scary routes were made for social and economic reasons but now it has been the heritage and if you want to enjoy the journey, get ready with your backpack. 

World dangerous railway track

So from which place you want to start first? the Death track or the cloud route? the dangerous whirlwind can also provide you the thrill experience. Never miss this chance of having a thrilling experience. If you are a true adventure lover then book your ticket and take the ride of above-mentioned dangerous railway track. 

Voyage the world and feel the fear so closely. 




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