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Interesting things INDIANS can do while waiting to kill their time at RAILWAY STATION

Are you a bag packer? Or love traveling solo? If you are with a group then you don’t need to bother about a delay in the train or waiting in the railway station. But if you are alone then staying at the train station and waiting on the next train can always be frustrating, many people always think about this and it makes them discouraged about using the railway transport system for their journey. While some other individuals believe the time waiting at the railway station can give them more opportunity to explore the environment and meet new people.

Here are some tips that can help keep your company and ensure you lock boredom out of your life while waiting at the train station.

•  Having a book or Novel in your pack

Girl Reading booksvia
Ensure you go to the train station with a book like a novel or a short story, this will go a long way to keeping you in the mood while you wait for the arrival of the train. Most importantly, if you are the type that does not like reading novels or inspirational books

•  Having your Idea Note with you at the train station

Note pad with Pen on desk

You can as well go to the train station with your jotter and pen in order to keep your hands busy, this method has worked for many and it was in the process waiting for the train while some renowned business tycoons got their unique business ideas and decided to pen it down while waiting for the train.

•  Increasing your brain functionality at the Train Station


Going to the train station with your friends or not? There is a need to go with a puzzle or a board game which you all can engage in. However, if you found yourself to be the only one at the train station without your friends, then go with a puzzle that has been bothering your mind and try to resolve it there, your brain works more when you are patiently waiting to get on to a destination.

•  Having some interesting Apps on your Phone

Phone Application

Install some interesting applications on your mobile devices in order to keep you busy. Applications like games and word puzzle can keep you busy and take your mind away from the waiting. You can also download languages app in order for you to use the opportunity of waiting to also add some new things to your accessories of intellectualism.

•  Capture the view

Capture photo and views

If you are a photographer or love to capture photos, then don’t waste time there in a railway station, just bring your cam, DSLR or your favorite smartphone. Capture the moments, the views, the busy railway stations and whatever you like. 

•  Make a portrait

Drawing and painting

If you are an artist and love to play with your pen/pencil and paper then this is the best time to kill your leisure period at the railway station. You can draw a portrait of hawkers, or kids, or shopkeepers whatever attracts you most. Just execute that on your paper. Your passion will be polished and you will be happy too. 

•  Observant and Networking

Meet with new people

If you are friendly enough and love to meet with new people then observe your environment and meet new people, ask about their personae and try to create a connection with them, as well as you are doing this, be vigilant and be care with the type of people you are meeting, be observant psychologically and try to avoid harassment or embarrassment.


•  Using the Train Station as a place of reconnecting with your inner self
People do lots of thing within this 2d hours but they forget to spend a ME TIME, so you can take the time to think about your future, think about the things you are doing and the things you are planning on doing soon. Think about the relationships you have established with yourself and how much you have changed from the past years and what you think is the most important to you. At this point at the railway station, you can make some prioritization in your life. 

Don’t be bore while waiting for the train, utilize your time and enjoy that interestingly. Your wait at the rail station can be profitable. Spend your time wisely, make new connections. The train station is the best way to look at the world in a new dimension.


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