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Indian temples which are known for their history

 During older days, the temples always remain a very important role in the Indian Society. According to ancient times, there are so many temples which help us to remain about the past and the brilliance of craftsmen. It also has various sites such as music, combat, and arts of dance. And the major understanding of temple is by the construction, usage helps to provide the traditions and rituals, for the purpose of offering prayers as well as worship.

Indian temples which are known for their historyvia

Brihadeshwara Temple, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu

During 1002 Ad, the temple was built by the King Rajaraja Chola for Lord Shiva as it acts as an important example for the art of the Dravidian. According to features of the Brihadeshwara Temple it was built under the tradition followed by the people with the finest sculpture, painting, allied arts, and other architecture.

Brihadeshwara Temple, Tanjore, Tamil Naduvia

The height of the temple is 66 meters named as vimana. There is also a lot of interconnection in the structure as Nandi pavilion, large hall and pillar portico.


Kailashnath Temple, Ellora

Kailashnath Temple, Elloravia

The Kailashnath Temple is mainly based on the greatness of man’s tribute which is mentioned in the history syllabus for school level but not included in the academic. This temple is for worship of Lord Shiva. The features of Kailashnath Temple is that it is being carved with the accurate alignment and proportion based on the adjacent sides as it has stone arches, arches, buildings, statues, columns, flying bridges which are made from a single piece of rock.


Chennakeshava Temple, Karnataka

Chennakeshava Temple, Karnatakavia

During the Hoysala Period, the temple was constructed by the Vijayanagara ruler in order to celebrate the victory from the Chola kingdom. This temple is for worship of Lord Vishnu which is located on banks of River Yagachi. The building is being done with the best carvings with the picture of Lord Vishnu seated with Goddess Lakshmi.


Adi Kumbeswarar, Tamil Nadu

Adi Kumbeswarar, Tamil Naduvia

During Vijaynagara period, the temple was constructed which is been located in Kumbhakonam. The Adi Kumbeswarar has the presiding deity in which the shrine is at the centre of location. It is the formation of the lingam built by Lord Shiva by mixing of nectar in the sand and immortality. In this temple, the lingam is considered as a god. 



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