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Here are some best places for honeymoon in INDIA

Newly Married? Booked tickets or till now searching for the best places for making a "Yaadgaar HONEYMOON"? If so, then you are in the right place. Scroll down the article and book your ticket for one of the best destinations. INDIA which carries the whole world and various types of scenic beauties in its LAP. 

Imagine a place surrounded with gigantic mountains where freshwater flows through the calm mountain rivers and where the trees dance with the cold soothing wind. Where you won’t hear the horns of vehicles but the songs of the birds. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? Well, to our good luck, we have got some heavenly places in India which will make your honeymoon memorable and delightful!

Here’s a list of top best places in India to enjoy your honeymoon


1) Andaman and Nicobar islands
A place located far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The islands are situated to the Eastern most part of the Indian mainland at the intersection of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman sea. These islands are very popular for their turquoise blue water and shining, white sandy beaches and pleasant weather. People from around the world come here to enjoy their honeymoon and vacations. Candid photography, Scuba diving, Sea walk at North bay island are few of the many things that the newlyweds enjoy here the most. If you’re looking for a mesmerizing place in India to enjoy your honeymoon, this is the place you’re looking for!

honeymoon place

2) Goa
This one is quite famous in India. A state also known as the “Tourist Paradise”  situated in the western part of India along the massive Arabian Sea. Goa is well-known for its soothing weather, beautiful beaches and tasty fishes! A perfect romantic place for you to enjoy the company of your loved ones while leaving behind all the worries of your life.

goa a Tourist Paradise


3) Ooty
If you’re looking for an unforgettable romantic escape, Ooty is the place you should consider! Ooty is a popular hill station also called as the “Queen of Hill Stations “ is situated in the state of Tamilnadu, South India. A place that will not fail to make your honeymoon extra special and lovey-dovey with its comfortable climate, spectacular mountain scenery, and stunning sunsets. 

Ooty - Queen of Hill Stations

4) Kumarakom
Another popular and exquisite hotspot for the honeymooning couples, situated in the Southern part of India and is interlinked with the serene backwaters of Kerala. Alluring houseboats, lavish traditional hotels, moderate climate, beautiful lakes and bird sanctuaries are all set to make your romantic vacation dazzling and thrilling! The honeymooning couples often rent a houseboat, sail to the horizon while enjoying each other’s company amidst nature’s paradise.




5) Nainital
In the state of Uttarakhand resides an Indian resort town which is also called as the “Lake District of India“ Nainital is regarded as one of the best and most beautiful boating sites of the country. The place will take you on a fairy tale ride of thrill and enjoyment making it one of the best destination for the honeymooning couples. The place is surrounded by greenery, beautiful never-ending lakes, colorful flowers, and fresh air. A perfect romantic escape from the hustles of your life.

Nainital - Mindstood


6) Darjeeling
Darjeeling, a town laced with rolling mountains of tea,  jaw-dropping sceneries and some of the deepest valleys! If that doesn’t send chills to your spine, Asia’s longest and Darjeeling’s very own largest ropeway cable car will definitely do! Darjeeling is a popular romantic getaway for honeymooning couples. You can enjoy the ride of the mini toy train that will take you on a thrilling and mesmerizing tour of the beautiful valleys of the “Queen of Himalayas” Darjeeling. 

Queen of Himalayas” Darjeeling.


7) Jammu and Kashmir
Settled in the southeast part of India are the snowy valleys of Jammu and kashmir. A place as beautiful as no other. Apart from its breathtaking nature and scenic beauty of the chilled glaciers, the place has so much to offer. Water skiing, riding the Shikharas, paragliding, trekking are some of the activities the newlyweds enjoy here the most. You can just rent a houseboat, stay within, enjoy your romantic space and have a chilled out honeymoon or you can stroll around the place and enjoy the beauty of nature in the company of your loved ones. 

Jammu and Kashmir


8) Agra
A city that holds memories of the evergreen love of Shahjahan and Mumtaz is a perfect place to begin your marital journey. In Uttar Pradesh, on the banks of serene Yamuna river resides the city of love, Agra. Apart from its gem Tajmahal, there’s so much to fall in love with. You can visit nearby tourist spots such as the Famous Varanasi, beautiful Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and the old caves of Khajuraho or just go on a shopping spree to get some of the most well-crafted jewelry or marble works, leather products and much more.




9) Himachal Pradesh
Regarded as a paradise on earth. A place where you’ll find almost everything, ancient temples to seek blessings, cultural festivals to enjoy, heartwarming people you could ever meet,  scenic beauty of the mountains and nature that will lure your heart in many ways, soothing and comforting climate to give you the rest you need. This is one of the best places in India to enjoy your honeymoon and make a bunch of unforgettable memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Himachal Pradesh

10) Coorg 
Also called as Kodagu is a rural district of Karnataka. The place is gifted with forest covered hills, eye-catching sceneries, lands engulfed with spice and coffee plantation and lavish hotels making it one of the best places for the newlyweds to celebrate their love.

Coorg image

So what have you decided? Where to go? Listen, don't think too much, its after all honeymoon, so visit any of the above-mentioned places and create some golden memories for both of you. There is no doubt that these are the best places for newly married couples who want to make their honeymoon special. 







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