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Best Five Mountain Biking Destinations that You should visit at least once in your Lifetime

What is LIFE to you? Is it all about Adventure and Exploration?  It means you are too cool and enjoying your life with full of excitements and fun. 


If you are an adventure lover then there is no doubt that you are a biker and you surely want to explore some stunning and exciting biking destinations to gain more pleasure in your favorite hobby. Biking is a big influence on traveling to some destinations for many people. They like to make the travel more exciting and adventurous. 

You might just be one of such individuals who consider biking to be more than just bike riding and may want to explore more biking destinations. So here we are presenting you such top five exciting lists of the mountain biking destinations for you to visit.

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1. Cape Town/ South Africa: South Africa is a beautiful country known for its beautiful landscape and wildlife. It is a popular destination for tourists who want to explore a mixture of African experience and western life. Cape Town has a beautiful mountain biking track on its beautiful landscape. Just a sight on it will make you want to get your bike and get indulge in its beauty. 

2. St Lucia / Caribbean:  The beach at the Caribbean is second to none but it eventually becomes tiring when you do it often, another way to explore St Lucia is to go mountain biking. The Caribbean has one of the best jungles based single track in the world which is named after the professional cyclist Tinker Juarez.  You can have the best biking experience here and add the beautiful view of the beach to it, the Tinker trail is just waiting for you to ride. 


3. Graubunden / Switzerland: The Graubunden region in the east of Switzerland. It is a beautiful place famous for having eye-catching sceneries. The region has beautiful mountain tracks all over the place like in Laax, St Moritz and Davos. You can get free access to this trail compared to other parts of Switzerland where you can only ride on certain tracks. They have flow trails, bike parks, and downhill tracks, but you can always decide to ride on the more natural paths, why not all?

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4. British Columbia / Canada: If you really want to get the best biking experience, then this is a must go place for you. The north shore of Vancouver is blessed with legendary free-ride trails in the woods. This destination is famous for being involved in the beginning of the Free-ride movement of mountain biking. It is filled with an amazing network of trails. 

Not too far from there, you can use an hour and a half to get to the north where you will find Whistler, this place also has amazing bike trails and is a famous bike prak that has everything to keep you amazed. Whistler has one of the best trails in the world and also has wildlife in the area, it won't be a surprise if you come across a bear.

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5. Scotland:  And we will end our list with the most exciting place ever, the Scotland, which is itself a beautiful place along with that it has so many mountain biking tracks for you. You will have a hard time to choose form those variety. You can find great riding tracks in Dunkeld, Aberfoyle, Edinburg, and Perhshire, isles of Skype, etc. You can find beautiful Landscapes almost everywhere you turn in Scotland. They have mountains and heels with the best riding tracks for you to get on and not want to take a break. The only problem with going to Scotland is that you will be faced with the problem of choice.

So which place you prefer to go for the ride? Let's put on your dress and tightend the shoe less, and get ready to have a furious bike tour.



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