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Ten Cricketers who lost their career to match fixing

The Cricket World Cup is knocking the door, it is about to start within a few days and the excitement is high among the cricket lovers. But behind this gorgeous and glamours view there is a dark world too, which you can't see, even you can't imagine how dark and dangerous it is. Over the years, Cricket glam is surrounded with so many controversies, this game is becoming the way of gambling, Match Fixing is one of the most rotten and ugliest spots. And it was thrown out some of the renowned talents from the ground of cricket.

Here you will get the face and the details of those cricketers who were somehow related with this spot or match-fixing controversies and their crimes also been proved and they have been BANNED by Cricket Board. 

1. Sreesanth

match fixing in cricket

Sreesanth had some great glory days for India and is one of the finest Indian fast bowlers ever. But unfortunately, he ruined his career by choosing the way of corruption. It has been proven that he was involved in the spot-fixing and betting of  2013 scandal of IPL. 


2. Mohnish Mishra 

cricket match fixing latest news

He is talented batsman recorded his utmost victory for Madhya Pradesh at the age of 16 and moves to play for India at the U-19 World Cup in 2002. It was recorded that Mishra traded his talent with black money. He was not only banned from joining the rebel Indian Cricket League but also banned for a year by BCCI. 

3. Herschelle Gibbs

player who caught in match fixing

Herschelle Gibbs, the South African cricketers also blotted his career due to this scandal of Match-fixing. He admitted his own guilt and confessed that he took $15,000 to score less than 20 only in an ODI match. After his confession, he was suspended and banned for 6 months. He has regretted the task he did, and after returning back to the field he proved himself as a worth and classy player. 


4. TP Sudhindra

TP Sudhindra fix the match while playing cricket

He was one of the promising cricketers who joined ICL, he picked up 25 wickets for Madhya Pradesh and became one of the leading bowlers for his side. The sting operation by Indian TV ended Sudhindra's promising career. Sudhindhra confessed to having bowled a voluntary no-ball in a Madhya Pradesh Premier League T20 match. He was given a lifetime ban in 2012 after his confession of being involved in spot-fixing.

5. Siddharth Trivedi 

Siddharth Trivedi india cricketer caught in match fixing while playing cricket

He took nine wickets in seven matches during the U-19 World Cup in 2002, this led to his rise to fame. He further made it to the Indian B team for the 2003 Challenger Trophy, He was accused of accepting a huge amount which he later confessed to returning, he was however handed a ban of 1 year in2013.


6. Ajay Jadeja

Ajay jadeja in Match-fixing crim

He was one of the finest fielders and batsman too but this sharp talent was also banned by the BCCI for 5 years due to the Match-fixing crime which was found by the CBI inquiry. He tried to prove himself innocent and appealed in Delhi court but that was dismissed. Just because of his good look and stylish physique Ajay tried in Bollywood also, but he failed there too. After a few years, somehow he got the approval for playing again and became the captain of Delhi and Rajasthan. 

7. Manoj Prabhakar

Indian match fixing player

Manoj Prabhakar one of Indian's most accomplished all-rounders. In an enviable career that witnessed 96 Test wickets, 157 ODI wickets and over 385 scalps at the first class level. Manoj is believed to have achieved what very few cricketers can only dream of. He was one of the rare all-rounders who consistently opened the bowling and batting for India- in 45 ODI and 20 Tests- setting a record that few can hope to break. 

In 1999, Prabhakar participated in the Tehelka expose where he recorded conversations with his colleagues using the hidden equipment he was wearing. The match-fixing controversies and allegations led to more intensive investigations and it was ironically Prabhakar's name that was dragged into the murky waters. He was subsequently banned for match-fixing by BCCI. 


8. Ajay Sharma

match fixing scandal

He has a record 31 Ranji Trophy centuries to his credit with an average which is only second to Vijay Merchant. Sharma scored 10,000 runs in first-class cricket at an average of 67.46- only Sir Donald Bradman, Vijay Merchant, and George Headley have a better first-class average than him with a minimum qualification of 50 innings. 

One of the greatest domestic cricketing careers ever ended in controversy when he was implicated in a match-fixing scandal and handed a life ban by the BCCI in 2000. 

9. Marlon Samuels

match fixing in cricket history

The West Indies Player was caught by the Indian Police while sharing the private and confidential information to the Bookie before the match against India in 2007. After that, he was banned for 2 years by the ICC. He was founded guilty to break rules and to bet in this cricket sports. While his ban expired, he again resumed back to the field and played cricket for Jamaica and then for West Indies.


10. Mohammad Azharuddin

cricket fixing report

Highest goal scorer for the 1987 World cup semi-final, and one of the greatest batsmen of modern India, He has over 15,000 international runs to his credit. He was later however reported to engage in a shady connection with the Mumbai underworld and this earned him a ban. 

Match-Fixing, Spot-fixing becoming a virus nowadays and it is swallowing those players who are not able to control their greed over their passion. Game is a way of entertaining the people not getting into the dark world and ruined the sharp career that the above-mentioned players were blessed to have. The players who have been banned by the BCCI or ICC, each and everyone used to be strong and highly talented team members but they chose that way which smashed them and made them an unwanted person or player. That is why they lost their position as well as passion and love of their followers and now the fans totally forget them.


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