Lesser known Facts of MS Dhoni: The Finisher in Indian Cricket Team

Mahendra, the Sanskrit word (Maha), means 'Great' and Indra, is the name of God. Undoubtedly, Mahendra Singh Dhoni proved his supremacy to the world with his brilliant and dazzling cricket career as the greatest finisher in Indian Cricket Team. 

It is under his captaincy, India won World Cup ICC Champions in 2011 and World T20 in 2007. India came once again into the limelight in the world of Cricket after the legendary contribution of Kapil Dev. But it is MS Dhoni, who brought the joy of winning, matched after matches to every Indian people, including old and young, man and woman, from village to town, and from town to city. Yes, he is the one and only craze for every Indian Cricket lover.

Every people has a keen interest about the finisher, the legendary, and the magnificent ' Captain Cool' of Indian Cricket Team. Indeed, most of us know a lot about MS Dhoni, but still, there are some lesser known facts about this legendary of cricket that many of you probably do not know. Well, here is a try to quench your thirst to present you the eleven lesser known facts about MS Dhoni: the finisher in Indian Cricket Team.

 Facts of MS Dhonivia

  • Remarkable First Century

MS Dhoni scored his first century on the 5th of April, 2005. It was against Pakistan. He scored 148 runs out of 123 balls with 15 Fours and 4 Sixes! This day he had been promoted to batting order on third from seventh in the previous match. MS Dhoni also broke the Sachin Tendulkar’s and Ganguly’s record of 141 runs against Pakistan. His power pack shot led the Pakistani fielders into stress. Even the then captain of Pakistan Inzamam-ul-Haq was helpless to stop MS Dhoni, who killed each bowler with boundaries and over boundaries. The world of cricket will never forget his first century.  

  • Fan of WWE Superstars

MS Dhoni at an early age was a big fan of WWF wrestling, which is not known as WWE. Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart were his favorites wrestlers. He later revealed how he used to enjoy the wrestling matches in front of the TV screen.

  • Love for Chocolates and Chicken 

Though MS Dhoni is very conscious about maintaining good health and keeping fit, being a professional athlete, he once revealed that he has a passion for chocolate Fudge and Chicken. The smell of chocolate fudge and chicken dishes always appeal him nearer and nearer to taste. 

  • A devotee towards Lord

Whenever MS Dhoni goes anywhere he visits temples. Dewari Mandir, near Ranchi in Jharkhand, he visits frequently. He loves to visit the temples and stand in front of God and Goddesses. Even before a series against Australia, he visited Dewari Temple. The cool captain visited this temple also after Chennai Super Kings won the 2018 Indian Premier League. 


  • Honorary Rank in Indian Territorial Army

MS dhoni in indian armyvia

MS Dhoni was honored with a title Lieutenant Colonel by the Indian Territorial Army on the 1st of November 2011. In fact, he was the 2nd after the legend Kapil Dev, who also received such honorary title as the 1st Indian Cricket Player. 

  • Fan of Adam Gilchrist

MS Dhoni was a fan of Adam Gilchrist. He tucked a big poster of Adam Gilchrist on his room wall. Later, everyone knows how Dhoni plays his role as a wicketkeeper and Batsman. Obviously, being a fan of Adam Gilchrist from the deep core of the heart as a teenager, he proved in his adulthood that he can be as super as Adam Gilchrist, but his love and dedication towards cricket made him even superior in performance than Adam Gilchrist.  Adam Gilchrist once in New Delhi said:
"Dhoni, the way he has carried every role that he has under his job description. A wicket-keeper, batsman, captain everything. He is a brand and he has carried all these things with amazing success." 

  • John Abraham is his fashion  icon 

We all know when MS Dhoni appeared first in the cricket world, he used to keep long hair. He once revealed that he used to keep long hair, being inspired by the actor John Abraham.His dressing sense is marvelous. He is indeed a fashion icon himself for thousands of Indian. 

  • A Badminton Player 

Everyone probably knows that MS Dhoni had a passion for football in his school time. Yes, you all know that in school he had been offered to play cricket. But you probably do not know that he also played badminton enthusiastically. 

  • Ticket Collector

To start to earn his livelihood, he started his first job as a ticket collector before he joins the Indian Cricket Team. From the name of a ticket collector, he sparkled his name in the stadium as a cricketer. Millions of people know his name now. 

  • Fastest Stumping 

MS Dhoni's fastest stumping time record is 0.08 seconds against West Indies in 2018. He is such a player that he broke is own record. His earlier fastest stumping was 0.09 seconds against Australia in 2016. Keemo Paul was the West Indies batsman and been stumped by Dhoni. Even the bowler Ravindra Jadeja was in a dilemma whether Dhoni stumped and Ravindra asked MS Dhoni about it. MS Dhoni replied in positive. Later, in a TV replay, the umpire confirmed that it was stumped.

  • Passion about Cars and Bike 

Dhoni Passion about Cars and Bike via

I have already mentioned you that MS Dhoni, the finisher in Indian Cricket Team is himself a fashion icon of India. He is a passionate lover of bike and cars. Time to time he took steps to increase his lovable car and bikes. Let us see some of his collections are:



1. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

1. Hummer H2

2. Harley-Davidson Fatboy

2. Mercedes-Benz GLE

3. Yamaha Thundercat

3. Mahindra Scorpio

4. Ducati 1098

4. Audi Q7

5. Confederate Hellcat X132

5. Land Rover Freelander 2

6. Kawasaki Ninja H2


7. BSA Gold star


MS Dhoni is not only a name, not only a brand, Actually, he is something beyond, Recently, he is called by the name of 'Bahubali' which represents strong and energetic masculine to save a nation. MS Dhoni upraised Indian Cricket Team in the highest peak of Himalayas to the world. He is at the same time ' Captain Cool' and the greatest finisher in Indian Cricket Team.