IPL 2019: These top five Seasoned Top Bowlers are retained by their Previous Teams and ready to take the tournament by storm

India is only one country until the IPL Battel begins. The next season will be telecast from the 23rd March 2019, so tight your seat belt and enjoy the ride once more. One country but it seems the team of 8 warriors during the Indian Premier League. The game becomes more thrilling and adventurous when the fast bowlers come to pitch and blow out the middle stump.

Some active and fast bowlers have already bid away and signed up with the respective teams. They will hit it out when some of the best batsmen will rule the pitch. As per the report, let check out the top five fast bowlers who are ready to take the tournament by storm. 

1. Rashid Khan ( Sunrise Hyderabad): Retained

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Whenever this bowler came to the field the whole crowd became so excited and cheered him up as they knew what would be going to happen. This Afghanistan mystery spinner took 21 wickets last year. And this made him the powerful wicket hacker in the IPL. He never allowed the batsmen to study his balling position. Just because of his impressive attack he retained into the team of Sunrise Hyderabad

2. Bhuvneswar Kumar (Sunrises Hyderabad): Retained

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He is India's fast bowler who never allows the batsman to beat his ball for a long time.  In IPL history, Bhuvneswar has the record of taking 6th highest wicket-taker. The swing bowler of Utter-Pradesh is the current one of the highest paid bowlers in IPL history. This 29 years old bowler has paid a huge wage for taking one wicket, during the IPL. Recently this right arm off spinner performed really well in New Zealand and Australia. Due to his good performance, he is still present in the Sunrise Hyderabad.


3. Umesh Yadav (Royal Challengers Bangalore): Retained

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Another retained performer who played really well during his last season and he was the power-packed performer last year in anRoyal Challengers Bgalore. When RCB realized to increase the bowling attack, Umesh Yadav proved that so strongly and took 20 wickets in 13 innings. That is the reason he is still retained in the team of Bangalore. 

4. Kagiso Rabada ( Delhi Capitals): Retained

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Rabada is a South African sensation, this 23-year-old pacer has a strong impact that his speed makes the trouble for any batsman in the world. He made his first attempt or debut in the IPL through the logo of Delhi Daredevils, in 2018 he was not able to play any of the matches due to his injury but this year he will still be retained in the team of Delhi Daredevils.  

5. Jasprit Bumrah (Mumbai Indians): Retained

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Jaspirt, is known as 'Boom' Bumrah as per his destructive bowling speed. Due to this lethal performance, he got entry to Indian's squad. His first IPL debut was in 2013 and proved himself as a strong and leading wicket-taker in the season of 2013-2014. In 2016 he performed really well and took 15 wickets. He is the star pacer of Mumbai Indians. He played 67 IPL matches and there he took 63 wickets. As per his records and last year's performance he strongly holds his place in Mumbai Indians, He still retained there in the team. Hope this year also, we will see his deadly and furious bowling speed. 

Let's cheer for your favorite team, put on the jersey to show your support. Let's the battle begin, the VIVIO IPL 2019. This year the battle will be extra tough and extra exciting. Only a few days more to go, so be ready to cheer your favourite bowler.