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With these unique ways you can make money online

Those who says money cannot buy happiness have perhaps not comprehended the abilities of money well and also the abstractness of happiness!Money surely can buy anythings that makes you happy and having said that, in this smart and digitalised world the ways to make money have to be smart too!Why go out for your comfort zone when you can make money online sitting at home?All you need is a laptop and a working internet connection.

Here are the coolest ways to make money online:-

1. Review websites for cash

How wonderful will it be if you get paid for surfing through different websites!Put your curiosity and reviewing abilities to work and get paid for the same.There are different portals which pay you for reviewing websites and it hardly takes time.Cool,Isn't It?

2. Publish an Ebook

Are you creative and thoughtful enough to write a book?Do not let your talent go waste then especially when you can earn money by publishing your ebook on kindle.Kindle lets anyone publish an ebook and students usually being good with research and writing skills can exploit this option.Unleash the author in you and exhibit your skills where it matters the most and is paid well.Covenient much?

how to make money online


3. Sell your notes for money

Knowledge only expands when shared and sometimes it may also bring you money.You can sell your notes online with sites like Nexus notes and stuvia where you can list your notes for free.Your hardwork will surely pay off this way! List your notes with prcing and whenever another students dwonload them,You get paid.You can even sale course books which you do not need any longer as there are online buyers for those too.Almost everything sells over the internet my Friend!

Sell your notes for money online

4. Fill Online Surveys

The trend of being paid by online surveys over the internet is becoming increasingly popular among the students these days.Research companies always have some survey or the other for People to fill and get paid from.You can easily browse across these surveys and compare the offers.

5. Participate in poetry competition

Do you possess the heart and soul of a poet? Put your poem to work then! There are Plethora of online poetry competitions with massive cash awards for winners.You can easily find them over the internet and they are on all over the year.Not just poetry but there are myriad competitions prevalent over the vast world of web.

6. Trade domains

One of the most convenient ways to earn easy and fast money online is to buy and sell domains to enjoy profits.This is a common trend among web freaks and students who have apt knowledge.The cost to regsiter domian name are pretty modest while the premium domain names are sold at great profits.

Trade domains ways to earn money

7. Affiliate marketing

Earn easy money through affiliate marketing by endorsing products and services in case you have a strong social media presence and have a blog or website which is doing wonders in terms of reach and attracting viewers.Afffiliate marketing is a real thing in the digital era.The more popular you are over social media, the better are your chances to be paid for advertising products or services.

ways to make online money

8. Sell pictures

Do you have the charm and the ability to capture time with your lens? If photography is your passion then make your camera your cash machine! You can surely sell the best of your pictures over the internet to different sites or blogs or you can also endorse your photography skills at the same time.Getty images and Abode stock are great portalsto begin with and then there is no looking back.How wonderful is it when your passion earns money for you?

Unique way to make money online

9. Freelance content writing

The web feeds on content and that is only real fact of the world of the internet.Websites,application,blogs need content for which they hire freelance or full time content writers.Content writing is a great field which opens new horizons for your passionto write and also earns you money at the same time.The industry pay scale standards of content writing are pretty good and then only become better with more and more experience.You mist surely try your hand in this field once! You never know if you end up discovering the writer in you.

how to make money online with content writing

10. Play online games with rewards

Many online games offer rewards to winners in terms of money or its equivalent.It is such classic way to earn money when you are only pursuing someting out of leisure or your gaming mania.You would have a wide variety of games to choose from! Win your way to earning some money online and make others envy you!


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