What is PCOS, Its causes, symptoms and recommended diet plan to cure this.

What is PCOS? 

it's a common issue nowadays. PCOS means the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a common disease for a woman of reproductive age, it's a hormonal disorder. Due to this issue, a woman may have an irregular Periodic problem or produce excessive sex hormone androgen, also due to this problem they face obesity, acne. During this disorder, Ovaries may contain a group of fluids, known as a cyst. Though cyst itself does not create any harm, it is the cause of hormonal imbalanced.  

What are the Causes of this PCOS?


There is no exact reason for this PCOS. A common way of reducing this syndrome is losing weight. Along with the proper treatment and diagnosis, you can reduce health risk and other complications such as insulin resistance, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. 

Risk Factors

Family link is the main factor that you may have a chance of this Polycystic Syndrome. Due to the genetic component, there is a chance that like your mother or sister you may suffer from this PCOS, this is the main risk factor. 

Insulin issue, more than 70% of woman have this problem of Insulin Resistance which means the women cells are not able to use the insulin properly. Due to this Insulin resistance, your pancreas will try to create more insulin just to compensate for the lack and for that reason your Ovaries will produce extra male hormones.


Obesity and Insulin resistance both can harm you and increase the risk of type 2 Diabetes. 

There are many more health risks like

  • High Cholesterol 

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Liver disease 

  • High blood pressure

  • Excessive bleeding

  • Depression and Anxiety 

  • Obesity 

  • Metabolic Syndrome 

Have a Look at the Common Syndromes of PCOS

Some woman notice these symptoms from her first period and some ignore that.At the time of pregnancy, that truth reveals or once you gained lots of weight you discover that you have that PCOS. But there are some common syndromes which can help you to take fast precautions


Look at the Common Symptoms of PCOS

1. Irregular Menstrual Cycle: Woman who is facing such syndromes, she may suffering from the irregular period which is not good at all for a female. If you notice such delay or gap in your period then consult with the doctor as soon as possible. 

2. Heavy Bleeding during Period:  Don't ignore such complication, it can be worst if you ignore that. During your mense, you will get heavier bleeding which is the clear symptoms of having POCS.

3. Unusual Hair growth:  More than 70 percent of female face this issue during their PCOS, they get unwanted and excessive hair growth on the face and body. 

4. Acne:  Due to excessive production of male hormones skin becomes oilier and that is the main reason for Acne, the breakouts on the part like chest, upper back, and face. 

5. Obesity or Weight Gain:  It is a common problem for women, more than 80 % of girls with PCOS suffering this Obesity or gain weight. 

6. Hair Fall: Unwanted hair fall can be the reason of this PCOS. The hair gets thinner and falls out from the scalp. 

7. Dark Patches: Skin issue, if you notice the dark patches on your neck, under the breast and in the groin then it may be the reason for your PCOS. 


Apart from these, there are some other symptoms which you should not ignore 

  • High Blood Pressure 

  • Skin tags 

  • Infertility 

  • Pelvic Pain

What is the treatment of this PCOS?


There is no such treatment to cure this PCOS. If you consult with your doctor s/he can suggest you some pills and medications as per your symptoms. Or they can recommend you for the surgical options also but honestly, there is no such cure for PCOS. 

But yes there are some home remedies which can help you to get relief from such irritating symptoms of these conditions. You just need to control your diet and lifestyle. 

Home Remedies includes 

  • A healthy and balanced diet, including some fresh fruits and vegetables. 

  • Do some physical activities, like Yoga or exercise. 

  • Reduce the production of Androgen level hormones by controlling and maintaining a healthy weight. 

  • Say NO to smoke

What food should add in the diet chart?

If you are following a healthy diet then you can solve this issue. Research says that what people eat has an impact and effect on PCOS. There isn't any specific diet for this syndrome. 

Despite that, there you will get some foods which is benefical for you and you should take it to manage and improve the conditions. 

  • There is a need for complete elimination of carbohydrate in the body system and this can be achieved by removing the consumption of carbohydrate from your daily intake. However, since insulin is a hormone that navigates carbohydrate and fat metabolism, and a diet composed of carbs will rather cause a defect on your insulin level, there is need to take a little percentage of carbohydrate in order to fuel the muscle an burn body fat. Particularly, there has not been any regulated percentage of carbohydrate intake by an intake of 30-40% of total calories, or roughly 100-140g per day depending on age and activity levels will support sustainable fat loss and this is basically equal to 20-30g serves of carbs for breakfast and lunch while the dinner must revolve around protein and vegetables. Avoid eating high quantity rice and pasta major meals. 

  • To make healthy dietary and stable food consumption, there is a great need for protein-rich foods to be highly dominant in any PCOS patient plan. The consumption of lean meat, fish, and chicken are the best you can ever have and to complement it, just join these proteins identified foods with little carbohydrate at a regulated rate throughout the day, this will regulate your blood glucose level. You can also consume chicken and sweet potato salad or cheese and wholegrain crackers as a snack. PCOS needs a principle life approach with constant exercise and high protein diet level to support weight loss and manage insulin level. 


  • Reducing the amount of carbohydrate intake will give a chance for an increment in the amount of fat consumption. In case of PCOS, there is a need to consume fats that will make the cell become much more sensitive to insulin. As described by professionals and practitioners, the best fats include omega3 fats and the long chain plant version of these fats found in walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and linseeds bread. This practically means PCOS diet should have 3-4 rounds of fat for a day through nuts, seed and olive oil. 


  • There is a high need to prevent heavy intake of sugary elements like juices, dried milk, large milk coffees, and other sugary contents. Any food made with refined carbohydrate including pizza, rice crackers, and snack food must all be avoided. These sugary contents affect the blood glucose level and have huge repercussions  on its operation and activeness. 

  • There is a need to adhere to your mealtime, there is need to eat regularly in order to maintain your glucose level, however, eating too regularly can lead to gradual weight gain which is not really advisable for a PCOS patient. It is highly advisable to have at least 2-3 hours in between your eating sessions. 

Diet Plan 

  • For breakfast, you can have 2 eggs with one cup of vegetables and 1 slice of soy. 

  • For Lunch, Tuna wrap and bowl of vegetable soup. 

  • In Dinner, 120g grilled salmon and 2 cups of vegetables roasted in olive oil. 

  • Snacks to take in between Breakfast and Lunch, 4 Vita wheat and 2 slices of cheese. 

No medication, no treatment can cure you fully. It is just a diet plan which can give you a little relief from that syndrome and you can live a healthy life without any irritation and complication. If you follow these diet plan, you can really get a 90% cure life. So, motivate yourself to take a good diet as a good precaution.