This Is How The Impact Of Social Media On the youth: Check Out The Popular Impacts

Social media is reducing social barriers. It connects people on the strength of human values, not identities.  """"Narendra Modi""""

An excessive amount of online networking additionally prompts a habit to the youth.  The youth are investing more their calories with their internet-based life companions than with their families and friends. When they wake up, the primary thing they check is their social network sites. Even they are busy checking their social media during walking on the street and traveling on the bus.

The impact of social media is immensely affecting our youths. Here are the popular impacts you should check out:

Affecting Lifestyle

The most common impact of social media is on the lifestyle of youth. When a youth finds out a post by his friends or his/her liking superstars that they are checking out in a resort or restaurant, the youth from the inner heart keeps a target to post similar check out in the social network whether he/she has the capability to spend or not. Thus the youth become restless to fulfill his/her desire. Sometimes you know some of the youth adopt unfair means to earn. Don’t you always find in your Instagram and Facebook that your friends are posting different alluring pictures while visiting a restaurant or a resort?

Impacts of social media

A Complete Misguide

Every youth cherish a dream for a better life and lifestyle. Sometimes some organizations attract the youth by posting their several investment schemes and easy earning ways. The youth believing such posts, involve themselves with some investments, and later when they realize that it is fake, they have no scope to get back their investments except lamenting.

Mad On Buying New Products And Gadgets

As social media is a great target by the business organizations to promote their products, most often not only the teenagers but also the youth becomes prey of such products advertisement. Now you will find that most of the girls are very concerned about buying beauty products. Out of 100 youth, you will get more than 50 youths are buying gadgets. In their friend circle, it becomes a trend that youth is not cool if s/he doesn’t possess a new gadget. That is why you will find thousands of pages for buying and selling used gadgets. Probably you know, according to the news of 15th September 2015 of India Today two Chinese men tried to sell out their kidney to buy an iPhone!  

Social media impacts on youth

Sometimes Life Threatening

There are a lot of groups in Social Media which provide medical knowledge. These sites encourage amateur medical advice as well as self- diagnosis of health problems, which is, in fact, dangerous and life-threatening. Many youths jump to these pages to consult their personal health problems that they cannot discuss with their parents.

Sex Texting And Bullying

Sex texting and bullying in social network sites are increasing at an alarming rate. Even you know the suicide rates have increased due to the bullying in the social network. Cyberbullying does make some of the life like hell. Obscene comments are frequented. Some rude and obscene comments torment a youth when s/he posts any picture!

Negative impacts of using social media

Health Hazard

As per the experts’ opinion long time online engagement leads a youth with personality and brain disorders like social skills, ADHD, narcissistic tendencies, a need for instant gratification, and addictive behaviors and other emotional distress like depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Affecting Privacy 

Sexual predators stalk and assault the victims. When you are posting about checking somewhere, you probably don’t know that your privacy is under threat. Again, some of your social network accounts are hacked which leads to leaking your personal contents. We have witnessed how a person suffers when the personal contents are leaked. Even your pictures are taken to make a few fake accounts to humiliate you!

How Privacy affect from social media

Spread Of Rumors

Most of you without knowing the background of a fact or issue, you start sharing someone’s post. Thus, most of the time the rumors become viral and the victim suffers a lot torment that you can imagine only if you try to think upon carefully! Even some dirty politics takes place to spread the rumor victimizing the whole society or the country.

Wasting of Valuable Time

In a recent survey, it is found that more than 47 percent of 18-34 years of age people do use social media during their meals. Social Media are addictive which are killing the valuable time of the youths. Instead of utilizing the time for career and study, they are just wasting their time in vain.

How social media impacts youth
Affair & BreakupIt is the air of social media that the affair and break up rates are on increase. When a youth finds in a post that his/ her friend has a lover. The youth also hopes to have one, though this trend is more frequent in teenagers. The youth becomes mad to make an affair. Again due to the social networks the breakup rates are high leaving youth in a state of mental torment.


Social Network sites do not always bring negative aspects to the youth. It has a lot of positive sides also. Youth may get information about interview techniques and job information. The youth can take proper preparation for his/her career. Youth can be the members of many scholarly pages to boost up the required and essential knowledge of a proper subject. It is up to the youth how she/he will handle social networks. If the youth uses social media positively, a bright future is waiting to give him/her a hug!