The Reason Relationship Fails: Checkout the list

The relationship is that space which gives us moral support, true satisfaction, and lots of happiness. It makes us realize how much we important to each other. It helps us to feel the taste of adjustment., the meaning of sacrifice. But sometimes some relationship never goes so long.  Why is that so? Why that sweet couple doesn't want to stay together after a short period of time? Ever imagine? Actually falling in LOVE is easier than staying in that. As per the research, 70 percent couples fail to stay in long term relationship. Why so? The experts say there are 6key reasons that couples say 'It's Over!' and draw the end line. 

After some deep research, MINDSTOOD finds out some exact points of this failure, check out the lists: 

#The Lack of Trust

showing interested in othersvia

 "It seems that people forget words like belief, faith, and trust. Today's people don't trust anybody, not even their life partners or beloved. This trust issue now becomes harmful contagions for the couples and that is the main reason they prefer to be separated than being in a long-term relationship. Due to this trust issue, the pair feel insecure while continuing the relationship. This issue includes phases like jealousy, possessiveness, having an affair, lack of being supportive and dependability."

#Different types of Expectations 

"Every relationship deserves extra care and affection, but due to an unhealthy routine these days couples forget to take care of it, in fact, they neglect it, or better to say, it's taken for granted to them. That is why the couple can't walk a journey together. In that situation, their expectation seems like bondage to them. And this situation getting worst day by day."

#Lack of Friendship

Become friend before falling in love

 "What is important to you? a physical intimacy or being a true friend before being the love partner? If your priority is just the sexual attraction than the friendship, then your relationship will go the distance, no doubt about it. A friendly environment makes bonding airy and healthy. But today's couple is too smart to understand that."

#Less Contact

"People are now always in a hurry to match with the clock, as a result, the family becomes overlooked. If you don't give enough time to your family or loved one, it will create the distance automatically. They don't bother to share how was the day, the issues, even don't ask or reply anything. As a result, the couples feel suffocating and decide to file the divorce or mutually separated."

#Arguments and high Temperament

Arguments each other

"When you see an old couple you can easily notice that they are still floating in their unconditionally love and care. Whereas today's couple always fighting with each other, why is this so? all of these happen due to their high temperament and lack of adjustment. No one wants to bow down the head, in fact, they fight while doing text also. The arguments never resolved and the expression of an outburst of anger destroy the love and healthy relationship."

#Social Media VS Relationship

Actual love v/s showing kind of love

"Today's gadget freak people are more involved in technology and social media rather than their partners or family. They love to spend time in scrolling facebook news feed or chatting with some unknown person. If you are not giving the priority to your relationship, if you stop making fun activities, if you are not sharing your dreams, hopes, and not spending time together, then there is no scope to make it alive."

"If you are also going through such difficulties, feeling lonely and feel the distance between both you, then take advice from a professional counselor. Sometimes a third person can sort out the issues between you and if you are really willing to save your relationship then analyze yourself, go through the points mentioned above and take your own duties and responsibilities, you can reverse back to your sweet memorize. There is a chance that you can save your relationship again."