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How Surya Namaskar is Effective for our Health: Benefits of Surya Namaskar

What is Surya Namaskar?

In Rig Veda, it is said, "Surya Atma Jagatastasthushashcha"
(The Sun God is the Soul of all beings, moving and non-moving)


The Sun God is called Surya or Aditya. His enormity is showing up in Rig Veda in different verses. Surya is the Soul, both of the moving and non-moving creatures (Surya Atma Jagatas Tasthushas cha). Positively, this Surya is Brahma (Asavaaditya Brahma). The life of all animals on earth, (men, creatures, and plants) is absolutely affected by the sun oriented vitality and nothing can get by without it, henceforth Sun is the spirit of all things. The sun oriented power initiate the body, prana, and even personality, without one knowing it. Further, the wellbeing and development of each being are reliant on the Sun. The rousing supplications to the Sun in the Rig Veda (in different verses) shape the Mahasaura Sukta, which distinguish the intrinsic heavenly nature in the Sun with the One Reality (Ekam Sat).

The old yogis state that the distinctive pieces of the body are administered by various devas or heavenly driving forces of light. The Surya Namaskaras which is called the sun salutations is a great body exercise. Completing 12 sets of this activity converts into completing 288 powerful yoga asanas in a range of 12 to 15 minutes. The Surya Namaskara originated eleven thousand years ago, has placed in a modern yoga ensuring great and effective benefits to all of us.

What Must You Know Before You Start Off With The Asanas?

Surya Namaskar Asanas

The best time to rehearse the Sun Salutation is promptly in the first part of the day when the sun is rising. You should ensure your stomach and insides are unfilled. In any case, some may inquire as to whether the Sun Salutation can be drilled at night too. Indeed, it can! Surya Namaskaras can be rehearsed at dawn and dusk. In the event that you need to rehearse after nightfall, it is never again Sun Salutation, it moves toward becoming Moon Salutation or Chandra Namaskaras, and incorporates one more asana. This can be drilled when the moon is out and noticeable.

Before go in deep to find out the benefits of performing this SURYA NAMASKAR on a regular basis, let figure out something more about Surya Asana, the 12 poses, the Mantras which can enhance your inner energy. Chanting these mantras will boost your mind power and increase your stamina. 

The 12 rounds of Surya Namaskaras
You should rehearse somewhere around 12 rounds of the Surya Namaskaras every day, which implies six sets on the right leg, and six sets on the left leg. Nonetheless, in the event that you are a learner, it is best you begin with four sets, and afterward, steadily increment the number of sets. Surya Namaskaras typically start with supplication in respect to the Sun for being the wellspring of vitality. These are 12 Mantras for the 12 sets that are commonly rehearsed (the English meaning is given in bracket after each mantra):

1.   Om Mitraya Namah (Who is friendly to all)
2.   Om Ravaye Namah (The shining one, the radiant one)
3.   Om Suryaya Namah (Who is the dispeller of darkness and responsible for bringing activity)
4.   Om Bhanave Namah (One who illumines, the bright one)
5.   Om Khagaya Namah (Who is all-pervading, one who moves through the sky)
6.   Om Poosne Namah (Giver of nourishment and fulfillment)
7.   Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namah (Who has golden color brilliance)
8.   Om Marichaya Namah (The giver of light with an infinite number of rays)
9.   Om Adityaya Namah (The son of Aditi, the cosmic divine Mother)
10.  Om Savitre Namah (One who is responsible for life)
11.  Om Arkaya Namah (Worthy of praise and glory)
12.  Om Bhaskaraya Namah (Giver of wisdom and cosmic illumination)

How To Do The Surya Namaskaras?

Diverse educators have distinctive methods for showing this succession. Some fuse different asanas in the arrangement to make it an increasingly extreme exercise. The others adhere to the essentials. In any case, there is no firm guideline or fixed time that you should remain in every asana. Notwithstanding, around 30 seconds in every asana is perfect.

Stage 1- Prayer Pose – Pranamasana

Prayer Pose

Stand toward the finish of your tangle, keep your feet together and disperse your weight on the two feet similarly. Open your chest and simply loosen up your shoulders. Breathe in and lift both your arms up from the sides. Exhale and unite your palms in a supplication position before your chest.


Stage 2 – Raised arms present – Hastauttanasan

 Surya Namaskar pose

Breathe in and lift your arms up and back. Make beyond any doubt that your biceps are near your ears. Make an exertion to extend your entire body beginning from the heels up to the fingertips.

Stage 3 – Hand to foot present – Hasta Padasana

12 position of  Surya Namaskar

Breathing out and twist forward from your abdomen while keeping your spine straight. Exhale and totally convey your hands down to the floor close to your feet.


Stage 4 – Equestrian posture Ashwa Sanchalanasana

Ashwa Sanchalanasana

Breathe in and drive your correct leg as far back as could be allowed. Bring your correct knee to the floor and gradually turn upward


Stage 5: Stick present Dandasana

surya namaskar in yoga

Breathe in and take your left leg back Bring your entire body in a straight line


Stage 6 – Salute with eight sections or focuses – Ashtanga Namaskara

Ashtanga Namaskara

Gradually convey your knees down to the floor at that point breathe out. Slightly take your hips back and slide forward. Relax your chest and jawline on the ground. Elevate your back a smidgen.

Stage 7 – Cobra present – Bhujangasana

lide forward and raise your chest up into the Cobra present. Keep your elbows bowed and fixed in this posture. Keep your shoulders from your ears. Slowly turn upward.


Stage 8 –Mountain present – Parvatasana

Mountain present – Parvatasana

Breathe out and lift your hips just as your tail bone up. Put your chest downwards to make a modified V present.


Stage 9 –  Equestrian posture Ashwa Sanchalanasana

surya namaskar steps

Breathe in and present your correct foot in the middle of the two hands. Bring your left knee to the cold earth. Press your hips down then turn upward.


Stage 10 – Hand to foot present – Hasta Padasana

Hand to foot present – Hasta Padasana

Breathe out and present your left foot. Keep your palms on the ground. You can twist your knees, on the off chance that you feel some distress.


Stage 11 – Raised Arms Pose-Hastauttanasana

Raised Arms Pose-Hastauttanasana

Breathe in and roll your spine up. Make your hands go up and twist in reverse a tad. Push your hips somewhat outward.


Stage 12 – Standing Mountain present – Tadasana

Standing Mountain present – Tadasana

Exhale and first fix your body. Bring your arms down.

Who Should not do The Surya Namaskaras?

1.    Pregnant ladies must avoid rehearsing the Surya Namaskaras after their third month of pregnancy.
2.    Those experiencing hernia and hypertension.
3.    Those experiencing back issues should look for appropriate direction while rehearsing this arrangement.
4.    Girls must not do the Sun Salutation while they are in their periods.

What are the benefits of Surya Namaskara?

1. Improves Muscles Flexibility

Each of the asanas did in Suryanamaskar centers around various muscle activities and operational hubs called Chakras. This aids in conditioning practically the entire of your body parts including arms, abs, thighs, and butt. It, in fact, improves the body’s adaptability. As the muscle tone improves your general identity is upgraded also.

2. Inspires High Spirit
The practice of Surya Namaskar increases the health potential of your body and soul, this has been identified to be one of the very best ways to maintain your body and soul fitness and keep away from diseases and infection, This will further give you vibrancy and vigor in whatever you engage in.

3. The sensitivity of the Heart Chakra
While engaging Surya Namaskar, both hands are joined together connecting to the center of the heart, these many beliefs activate the heart chakra and motivate the lotus heart to become more sensitive. 

4. Enhances fitted Lower Body
Some of the most important pose while doing Surya Namaskar is the prayer pose which works for the lower body and strengthens the legs, feet, and ankles. This pose further makes the hips remain firm and reduces the level of flat feet, this prayer pose is called Pranamasana, it requires both hands folded and pointed outwards from the center of the chest which connects to the right and left parts of the brain, it is believed that this increases brain functionality.


5. Keeps your body system in Form 
Surya Namaskar practice requires to be done consecutively and in an efficacious way, the practice expands the abdominal muscles and help in reducing weight around the stomach area. This also strengthens the musculoskeletal parts


6. Improves Blood Circulation and Heart Health

Suryanamaskar gives your body a speedy and decent exercise. Whenever done in a quick way it goes about as a HIIT cardio exercise for your abs, thighs, and butt. Improving blood circulation results in low cholesterol levels, which ensures good heart health. Suryanamaskar brings down the danger of stroke.

7. Good Digestion And Help in Weight Loss
Appropriate exercise and legitimate rest alongside a decent eating routine outcomes in improved insulin affectability and expands digestion. This certainly animates the stomach related tract by creating the correct sort of stomach related juices. Diverse asanas in Surya Namaskar guides the bloodstream to different indispensable organs which ensure improve execution.

8. Improves Energy and Awareness Levels

Alongside asanas, the breathing example is additionally a significant part of Surya Namaskar, which gives a profound cognizant unwinding to the body and brain. It loosens up the psyche and hones the keenness. It expands the mindfulness. The casual personality and more beneficial body at that point result in improved vitality levels.

9. Empowers Better Absorption of Nutrients

Appropriate blood flow and assimilation empower superior ingestion of supplements, which then improves your general wellbeing. Supplement assimilation directs hormones, do indispensable capacities in the body.

10. Lessens Moods Swings and Brings More Emotional Stability

Profound breathing systems with explicit asanas give an incredible unwinding to the nerve cells or chakras. It can emphatically affect mind working. In particular, it helps in adjusting between the privilege and left sides of the mind. This brings progressively passionate security and builds your innovativeness and mental exertion limit. It helps in diminishing emotional episodes and shakiness.

11. Improves Your Skin Glow

A pleasant sparkling skin is a consequence of good blood dissemination, great assimilation, appropriate unwinding and incorporating certain sustenance in your eating routine, which helps accomplish this wonderful impact. Likewise, there are numerous yoga asanas, which can enable you to get sparkling skin.

India is the land of YOGA and Ayurveda, and Surya Namaskar is one of the oldest and most popular ancient yoga which provide lots of benefits, no one can deny the fact that such sun salutations boost us both the ways- good physical health and a great and sound mental health. So mange sometime for your fitness, and be healthy, wealthy and wise.


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