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Here are some myths that might stop people from donating blood

Donating blood is a kind-hearted intention from the blood donors who donate it to be used by people who might be in need of it. There's no feeling more satisfying as doing something for someone and knowing you are helping them or even saving their lives. Millions of people donate blood every year and it benefits thousands of people who have been able to make use with it. Even though a lot of people are donating blood, there's a lot of myth surrounding blood donation that is capable of discouraging a person from doing so.

Some of these myths include,

There's limited blood in the body and it's unhealthy to give some

"Many people must have heard this many time which might have discouraged them from donating blood right up till now.  Well only about 350-450ml of blood is taken during each blood donation session your body has just enough blood to donate that amount like that without any effects. It also produces enough blood to replace the donated blood in no time."

Heavy people are healthier and will have more blood

"Being overweight actually makes people less healthy and having more skin doesn't necessarily mean having more blood in you. This is a myth that a lot of people believe to be true, you can still donate blood if you are not overweight it's not a criterion for blood donation."

Your health reduces after donation

"This is another myth that many people have heard of regarding blood donation, your blood donation will have nothing to do with your health that much. It is advisable to have some rest after donation and your body will recover all in a day. Also consuming enough liquid will help to replace the lost fluid just within a couple of hours. The red blood cells will be replaced within 3-4 days while the white blood cells will take within 3 weeks."

You can't take part in physical activities

Blood donatevia

"Many people must have heard the myth that you can't take part in sports and other physical activities if you donate blood.  Donating blood won't interfere with any of your physical abilities. You can avoid strenuous workouts and heavy lifting on the day of donation but from there the next day you can do as you please."

Being in medication means you can't donate blood

"Some medications that you may be taking might prevent you from donating blood in a certain period of time but i can be donated later. Most donations will still be taken even if you're on drugs, most of the drugs can still be donated, the drugs are not necessarily a blocking factor."

Diseases can be gotten from donating blood

"A professional and clear procedure is used to get the blood from your body to the receiver. A high level of sterility is maintained at all time so it's almost impossible to get any diseases. A sterile needle is used at all time and then is discarded after use. All the equipment’s used are sterilized leaving no chance to get infected with anything."

Being mixed race limits the number of people who can use your blood

"Blood has nothing to do with race or skin color of people, blood is blood. The only thing that matters during blood donation is the eligibility of the donor and the blood group. A black person's blood can be used by a white person the blood won't be any different because of race or skin color."

"Donating blood is really a noble work, and breaking these above-mentioned myths mean spreading awareness among your local people. They will understand the importance of donating blood which is a voluntary gift, that can save lives. Create a culture of donating blood, every donor is a social hero, so break all the myths which stop you from donating blood. Be a social hero, be an inspiration, and save a life!!!!! "



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