Checkout these ways to know how to impress a girl

Kabhi kabhi jeetne ke liye kuch haarna bhi padta hai ... aur haar kar jeetne waale ko baazigar kehte hai

(“Sometimes to win you must be prepared to lose ….and the one who ends up winning the end game is called a maverick.”)

No, you don’t need to act like the famous Hindi Movie Baazigar to impress a girl. You even don’t need to go to a saint for a blessing or an astrologer to take a stone, which will help you to impress a girl. No need to consult a love guru also!

As a human being, we are routing within a circle of belief, satisfaction, and expectation. Why do we still remember some of the very old events, but forget the recent one? Actually, it is because, if something appeals to us positively, we like it and feel interested in it, and if it is a negative one, we from our subconscious mind like to forget or escape from that event.

Keeping in mind, some of the psychological and social parts of life, here you will get easy and positive ways which surely will impress a girl. Further, no delay, let us start.

Dress Sense

impress a girl by a dressing sensevia

How will you look if you are wearing red jeans, a red t-shirt, and red boots? Yes, you will look like a joker! Everyone will notice you. But nobody will like your dressing. As per the psychological point of view, you can impress a girl by a dressing sense. Wear the dress depending on the situations, weather, and location. Surely, no smart guy will wear a blazer suit on a sea beach. Wear a dress, depending on your body shape. If your body is rectangle shape, you should avoid double-breasted blazer style to single-breasted style. Do give emphasis on the color of your dress depending on your body complexion. The good smell also attracts people. Use perfume depending on your budget, not necessarily high budget. Perfumes are used to cover the unfavorable odor.


A Good Listener

Good Listenervia

Do we like a talkative person, especially the neighboring aunt who are always busy to find out the limitations of the teens and young? You certainly try to avoid her wherever you meet her whether in the parking lounge or in the elevator. Yes, we all have such memories. It’s wiser to be a good listener. Everyone likes a good listener. So listen to the girl carefully with great attention and show your expression, positive expression. Share your ideas also but listen to her first.

No Argument

Argument between couplevia

Who does tolerate arguments in this earth? So, talk and share your ideas with the girl positively, not like you are debating in a competition. It’s a very common mistake by most of the boys. Most of the boys, especially young men consider that argument speech will impress a girl. Girls are not dumped! They are also intelligent. Your argument will not be considered by the girls that you are a knowledgeable person. So, never ever try to argue in any matter.



Confidence and Knowledge

Confidence make moment more enjoyable via

When you are speaking to a girl, show your confidence and knowledge with your words and explanations. Everyone appreciates the confidence. Every one appreciates knowledge. Your present intelligent imbue with wit and knowledge will impress any girl easily.  No, for this you don’t need to be an Einstein! Your learned knowledge with confidence will fill up this purpose easily. Use wit and better presentation while speaking. Eye contacts sharply win the confidence part.

Caring and not judgmental

Caring a partner via

Be caring with your words and attitudes. Nobody in this earth likes a judgmental guy! We like judgmental guys only in books and movies, not in real life. Recent research has already proved it. Psychologically, caring is appreciated by all. But it doesn’t mean that while talking to a girl you will be busy to take care of an ant walking on the floor! Show you care for her through your attitude and facial expression.

You don’t need any Tantra Mantra or you don’t need a special flute like the Hamelin Pied Piper to impress a girl just follow these tricks to impress a girl. The above discussion will make it possible if you move forward positively and turn your impression into someting more romantic