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Do Long Distance Relationship Actually Make Couples Come Closer: Study

'Relationship'- a strange word!  When a person being in a relationship s/he always wants to be close to her/his partner. But what about the love birds who are in a long-distance relationship? Where physical intimacy is not possible at all. Is that good or long-distance never work out. What did you say?

Let's see what the study says about this fact. 

As per the journal, it comes to the spotlight that A long-distance Relationship Actually Makes a Couple come Closer. Yeah! It's true. But it can't be ignored that couple who are in the long-distance connection really face more difficulties. They don't get the scope to go for frequent dating, no outing, no weekend. Despite having these issues, the report says these couples are the best and romantic pair ever. You may wonder and curious to know the secret of their relationship and love life.


relationship and love life

1. Distance connects you more: Whenever you live separately with your beloved it makes you realize the importance of his/her presence. You always try to find out the time to catch each other over Skype, or phone or text. As per the research, it comes to know that distance always connects you better than the others who live closer or staying at the same apartment. 

2. Give Space: Relationship becomes stronger

Give Space in relationship

when you provide enough space to your beloved. Most of the relationship ends due to this suffocating syndrome as they don't allow the space, the freedom to live own life. But in long distance relationship couple understand the things really well, and they never interfere in anyone private space. In their relationship, there is no word or activity like dominating or ruling like a boss.

3. Share without any filter: Being in a relationship sometimes it happens that you filter your words before sharing that to your partner. But the Journal of Communication published that, couples in a long-distance relationship never do that, they can share each and every word without any insecurity or doubt. Even there is a less attempt of hiding anything, except the surprise. 

4. Takes care of every single matter


After a strong survey on some distance couples, the researchers reveal that these pairs are much more caring than a regular partner who can easily get connected with each other. How much busy they are never affect that on their distance relationship, they manage time to talk, discuss and resolve every issue. Maybe they get less time but whenever they come online or spend time together over the phone, video call or text, they really spend quality time.  That is another reason or you can say the secret for being a happy couple. 

5. A strong level of Satisfaction: Most of the relation breaks as they are not satisfied with each other. Mental satisfaction is the main thing to be in a bond. And interestingly this thing you can strongly get and feel in the couples who are in a long distance relationship.  They may be staying far away but really satisfied with each other. The main reason for being so complete is they find out the time for frequent communication.

6. Thanks to Technology:  All of the above points are only possible just because of this smart technology which brings those couple closer. It never makes them feel that they are alone, whenever you want you can get connected with your partner. Research also says, that couple really work hard to communicate with their beloved for love and affection. And these things make their bonding stronger. 

These are the things we never notice in the long distance relationship, people always think that face-to-face contact is the best to run a healthy and strong relationship. But as per the research result, you should break your fallacy. Don't be pessimistic about this long-distance love and romance. They are really happier and this long-distance actually makes couples come closer.


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