5 ways to look young forever

If every human had one wish in common, then it would be the ability to stay and look young forever. But, the kind of modern world we live in trying to juggle our personal and professional lives while keeping in mind several other things, it can be really tricky. Today, we don't want to talk about the problem; instead, we would love to focus on the solution. So, are you ready to look like you did in your days of youth? Then check out the below-mentioned ways.  

Say no to stress

say no to stress if you want to look young forevervia

According to research, too much of stress has a physical impact on your body, and it can be clearly seen on your face. It accelerates the process of ageing. A surge in the cortisol and adrenaline causes our blood pressure to elevate which in turn makes our heart beat faster. Nowadays, we are always surrounded by stress relating to our job, money problems, traffic jams, chronic diseases, and so on. The cases of depression, anxiety, hostility, insomnia, heart attack, and high blood pressure are continuously rising. All of which is caused by stress.  


5 ways to look young forevervia

So, how can you set yourself free from the shackles of stress? You need to meditate. Yes, it is as easy as that. Close your eyes and relax as you chant a word, phrase, mantra, or a prayer.  

How about using another pillow? 

5 ways to look young forevervia

When you go to sleep, gravity continues to work. Fluids pool down under your eyelids. The lower eyelids are elastic and soft when liquids accumulate there it causes puffiness. If you want to get rid of that look, then use an extra pillow to sleep on. This is going to keep that area drained. You even use two chilled spoons to calm and relax your eyes.  

Consumption of healthy fats

Healthy fats

Try to consume more of the healthy fats. We are talking about Omega 3 fatty acids. This will include seeds, walnuts, and salmon. It will maintain your bone strength, stabilize your fluctuating mood, and put a stop on your ageing. Experts say you must consume at least two to three grams of essential fats every day.  

Try to be healthy

importance of morning walk and running

Regular exercise has its own list of benefits with absolutely no side effects. It will keep your body toned, healthy, and work on your mood as well. There is a strong connection between exercise and how you look like. Go out for walks, do some yoga, join a dancing group, run, or cycle. The possibilities to look and stay fit is endless.  

The power of green tea

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When we are talking about ways to look young and healthy, then green tea is bound to be on the list. When talking about beverages, green tea is by far the healthiest in all of them. The nutrients and antioxidants are crucial to slow down the process of ageing and helps you looks young. Drink three cups of green tea on a regular basis to see the change.  

Try these natural and effective ways to look young and healthy.