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5 natural ways to tackle the effects of Holi "Bhangover"

Can you imagine Holi without Bhang? NO WAY!!! Holi is just incomplete without its Bhang flavor, there you will get so many bhang items in your occasion ground. Bhang Pokodas, Thandaiy, Bhang sweets and many more, so how can you forget to have a sip of this special item?

The only thing about letting bhang into your system is that you'll have to start worrying about having a hangover when you wake up the next day. After spending a pleasant day it can ruin your next day due to its intoxicating Bhang effects on you like a headache and stomach pain. So for you to have fun and not worry about the consequences here are 5 natural ways to tackle the effects of the Holi hangover,

Holi Dance

1. Hydrate yourself

If you get a hangover from the bhang intake one of the most important things to do will be to hydrate yourself. You should make sure to drink lots of water so you can get rid of all the toxins that have settled down in your body. If your body is dry, the bhang will have stronger effects on your making your hangover a nightmare. You can help yourself by making water your best friend and drinking lots and lots of it.

2. Have a sip of Green Tea

To tackle your Bhangover, the best natural remedy is having the sip of green tea or any herbal tea. These types of teas have less caffeine and these are soft enough to provide you a soothing effect and comfort from your bhangover headache and irritations. Green tea or the herbal teas are full of anti-oxidants, which helps you to tackle and get back to your normal life again. 

3. Have a sound sleep

The best part of having bhang is it helps you to get asleep too quickly. So if you want to tackle your bhangover then have a sound sleep. Don't force yourself to be awake, if you really want to get rid of the bad headache and body pain, then just go to your room, or a quiet place, and take a nap. 

Effects of Holi "Bhangover via

4. Take a shower

After a heavy day, you must be feeling so tired and heavy, so refreshed yourself. Just have a steam bath, take a long shower to make your refreshed and rid of your drowsiness. Another cool way of tackling the bhangover is refreshing yourself with the warm water. You can overcome your bad headache and body pain. 

5. Opt for some fresh lemon juice

After the bhang consumption starts showing its effect on you, you can opt for some refreshing drinks. Bhang is toxicant which is why you'll have a hangover from it so the best way to fight it will be by getting some antioxidants in your body. The best way to treat this bhangover is to have lemon juice as it is proven that in hangover citrus fruit works magic. 

Although people know the effects of bhang, it won't stop them from having the ultimate fun during Holi celebration.  Most people will rather consume it and face the consequences later which is understandable cause I'll do the same. So, if you ever find yourself having a bhangover this article will be of help.


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