10 home remedies which may protect your skin and hair this Holi

HOLI HAIN!!! Sounds so exciting! right? After Durga Puja, another biggest festival of India. Indians are very much excited about HOLI . This is the festive season of colors and this is the time when all the Indians mostly Bengals welcome the spring season with this celebration of colors. Though the Holi festival is all about fun,  and color and as you know it is made of the chemicals so this RANGS have some after effects on individuals most of the time. So always take the necessary precautions and enjoy a safe Holi, here are the 10 home remedies to protect your skin and hair this Holi.


Pre Holi remedies

To protect your skin before the Holi even commences here is what you should do.

Wear full covered clothes - When you will be played with the gulal, you will not care about anything. Even your excitement and fun should not be interrupted anyhow. But it is also necessary that the after effects should not harm you and your skin as well as hair.  So, the best way to protect your skin during the Holi festival is to wear full sleeves clothes that cover most of your skin. And wear some hair bands or cap to cover your hair, so that it doesn't get rough or dull.


Apply oil to your skin - During the Holi, most of the person prefers to use some dark color, which is too hard to remove while taking a bath. And those colors are too much harmful to skin, especially for the ladies and children. So before leaving your house don't forget to take the precaution, that is called the pre remedies. Apply some oil or vaseline throughout the body, it will protect your skin and help you to get rid of the strong and dark color easily, apply especially on the exposed parts like your face, hands, neck, etc. You can use almond oil or coconut oil both can help protect your skin from various colors.  

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Apply oil to the hair - just like your skin you should also apply oil to your hair to protect it from the chemicals or artificial rangs. It is recommended to apply oil to your hair and give yourself a head massage the night before the festival begins.

Lips and eyes - Another sensible part of our body is lips and eyes. So you should take care of those too. You can apply lip gloss to protect your lips from the holi rang or abir during the occasion, you can protect your eyes with glasses. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest part so you have to protect it at any cost.

Sunscreen - applying sunscreen to your skin and face can also act as a barrier between the colors and the skin. The sunscreen will not allow the chemicals to get contact with the skin thereby protecting it from any damages.

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Pro Holi remedies

It will be impossible to go throughout the Holi festival without the dye coming in contact with your skin or hair so here is what you should do after Holi.

Have a bath with some warm water- As soon as you get back home, just take an immediate bath, because that time it will not take too much time to get removed. Use some hot water to wash your wet body so that the colors get rid of your body quickly. Also, use some shower gel and rub your skin and rinse it well. Now apply shampoo twice on your hair, and rinse it well. Also, apply the conditioner so that the hair never get rough or dull.  

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Apply shampoo for Hair Care - It is necessary to wash out your hair after playing the holi. Apply shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair and scalp. Despite that, if you feel the roughness then try some hot oil massage along with the towel treatment. While doing the shampoo rinse your hair with some lemon juice or beer, it will bring back your shine again. 

Apply Olive Oil - If it seems that color doesn't wash out after several washes then apply some olive oil to remove that dark and strong color. Just apply the oil on your skin and rub it with a soft cloth.


Try some home DIY- It is important to wash out the colors from your skin otherwise it will harm you a lot. Skin is the sensitive thing so you can't use anything to remove the color. Use some homemade DIY(Do it yourself) like the herbal pack so that your skin doesn't get rough. Prepare the homemade herbal pack with the curd, gram flour, the herbal pack along with some milk. And apply that on your face, skin, it will soften your skin.

Wash face with warm water - to get rid of the colors from your face, you can wash it with lukewarm water. You can mix it with glycerin, sea salt and some drops of aroma oil. This antibacterial mixture will protect your skin from any effects of the colors.


Don’t be afraid of playing Holi. Your skin and hair will be protected and irritations free.  The above mentioned home remedies really have the magical solutions. Just try this out and enjoy this day  of color and splash the happiness.Wish you a happy holi advance.