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Top 8 Dangerous Impacts of Sitting all the Time and Sedentary Job

Sitting down all day seems like a pretty common thing to do with no harm or any negative impacts.  With the rise of technology, it is easier for people to spend the whole day sitting down without even noticing time pass by. Contrary to popular thinking sitting down can actually do more harm than good to you, while sitting people basically just stay in one position without carrying out any activity. Especially for those who have sedentary jobs.




What are sedentary jobs?

Sedentary work is a work that causes you to sit-down must of the time and not carries out any activities like standing, walking and carrying any heavy equipment. Works that require you to sit down up to 6-8 hours per day are all considered sedentary jobs. Examples of sedentary jobs include receptionist, accountants, bankers, call center operators, and drivers. People who do these jobs are required to sit for long period of times without performing other physical activities.




What are the dangerous impacts of sitting down?

Most people don't think it's possible for any dangerous impact to show up because someone is always sitting down, so here are the dangerous impacts of sitting all the time. Especially during sedentary jobs or work.

  • Weight gain - it is widely known that being inactive can easily lead to weight gain which is what sitting down all day leads. Constantly sitting down all the time makes it easier for you to gain weight. While sitting all day decrease lipoprotein lipase (LPL) activity, which shows a bad impact on the body’s ability to burn fat.

  • Chronic body pain - sitting down too much every day will also make it possible to have chronic body pain. The more you remain seated the more likely you'll feel pain in certain areas such as your neck, legs, chest, waist etc.

  • Poor blood circulation - another negative impact that is caused by sitting for a long period of time is poor blood circulation. Sitting down for long can slow down the circulation of blood in your body, which can lead to blood pool in your feet and legs. This may lead to swollen ankles and blood clothes like deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

  • Heart disease - gaining weight and having a poor blood circulation can lead to fatty acids blocking the arteries of the person's heart. This is because sitting for long increases the cholesterol in the body with also higher chances of getting cardiovascular diseases and also high blood pressure.

  • Diabetes - you stand a higher chance of getting diabetes if you are always sitting down. Sitting down has a negative impact on insulin which is the hormone that burns sugar to be used for energy. There's more insulin resistance when you constantly sit down which leads to having diabetes.

  • Increase chances of anxiety - constantly sitting might spike up anxiety, this is because you'll be doing one and the same thing every day may be because of your sedentary work. You'll get tired of doing the same thing which will lead to depression and anxiety.

  • Higher chance of getting cancer - your chance of getting cancer increases as you sit down a lot, you can have a higher chance of getting lungs, colon, endometrial and breast cancer. You can still get these cancers even if you exercise but you increase the chances by constantly sitting.

  • Undo all the exercise benefits - lastly, you waste all the benefits of your exercise when you are constantly sitting all day. By sitting down, you reverse all the work you have been doing from the exercise even if you work out a lot. Sitting down is just going to reverse everything.

These are simple harms we can be doing to ourselves because we consider sitting to be harmless. You may have to accept some of the dangerous impacts of sitting are very visible through the body pains you normally get after sitting for a long period. Now that you know these consequences you can avoid them and stay healthy.


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