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Top 5 Home Remedies That May Turn Down Your CHOLESTEROL LEVEL

Are you suffering from high cholesterol? Despite being under a long medication and treatment you failed to reduce the level, is' it right? Want to reduce that? but don't know how to do? Having high cholesterol seems a common problem these days. Ok, here you will get the guidance which helps you to turn down your cholesterol level. You don't need to go anywhere, any appointment, any doctor, nothing! Just visit once into your KITCHEN, yes! We will provide you the Top 5 Home Remedies that may turn down your Cholesterol Level.

Before going into deep, first, have a look at the main reason for increasing this cholesterol level desperately:

People always face the threat of having high cholesterol which is highly dangerous and unhealthy too. But why is this level increasing so fast?

  • This is happening due to the imbalance diet and having junk food or fatty meal like- Beef, pork, dairy products, saturated vegetable oils, coconut oil, and the most ridiculous thing is smoking.
  • If you are smoking too much then you are inviting your death.


High risks you will face if you have this high level of bad cholestrol?

creates the blockage in your heartvia

A high level of cholesterol in the body may lead to exposure of having heart disease, stroke, narrowing of the arteries etc. This LDL(Low-Density Lipoprotein) is known as the bad cholesterol and it builds the walls and creates the blockage in your heart, and makes the vein narrow to run the blood. As a result, that patient may die in the heart attack. Also, it causes high blood pressure. 

Top 5 Home-Remedies to reduce your CHOLESTEROL LEVEL

You can control your Cholesterol level by using some home remedies. Shocked? But this is true, you don't need to go to the hospital, no need to spend too much money or effort. You will be able to keep your cholesterol under control and avoid all the consequences of having cholesterol. These home remedies will help you in lowering down your cholesterol level to some extent and looks you feel good.


Garlic:  This is definitely a common home ingredient that you know, it may be a common home remedy that you can easily find out at your kitchen. Studies have shown that garlic is capable of reducing cholesterol level, lower your blood pressure as well as your atherosclerosis. You can eat this raw or cooked. Raw will be highly benefited but if you don't like the smell then you can have the supplement forms, such as capsules or tablets. But it will be better if you consume it raw, to get rid of the breath you can have the drinking peppermint tea.

garlic for cholesterol treatmentvia

Turmeric: This is a stable spice that can be easily found in any Indian Kitchen, It is another remedy which helps you to lower cholesterol level. It has antiseptic properties that help to turn down your cholesterol level and can also cut down the plaque or cholesterol that are deposited on the walls of your arteries.

home remedies to reduce cholesterolvia

Oats: Oats, this is one of the best and popular foods, which is included in every health-conscious person's diet. It contains soluble fiber which is capable of hindering the absorption of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in the body which is very unhealthy when it's a large quantity. You can have a bowl of oats each morning to start your day or add in your homemade granola bar. One cup of oats per day is capable of keeping your cholesterol level under control and sparing you from any danger like increasing high level of cholesterol. 

foods which reduce cholesterolvia

Indian Gooseberry or Amla: If you want a beneficial home ingredient to reduce your cholesterol level then there is a no competitor of Indian gooseberry. It is too much powerful and capable of retaining its high concentration of Vitamin C even when it is cooked or burnt. The Indian Gooseberry contains antioxidants which help keep the cholesterol levels under control. 

You can use it by mixing the Indian Gooseberry powder with a tablespoon of honey and lukewarm water.

amla benefits in controlling cholesterolvia

Plant Sterol and Stanol Supplements: Luckily for you, plant sterol and stanols are substances that can be found in nuts, vegetables, grains, fruits, seeds and a variety of other plants. They can also be found in process foods like yogurt products.


As per the research, it came to know that those help to preventing your small intestine from absorbing cholesterol which lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) level in your blood. They also go further to help reduce your risk of having heart diseases.


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