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How Hypertension affects the body: Its symptoms, causes, and prevention

According to a recent survey, one-third of the adult human population in the world is suffering from Hypertension, the high blood pressure. The hypertension is, in fact, a slow killing disease. It gradually damages your artery which leads to heart diseases, your kidney, and your brain.  It also affects your eyes, even your bones also suffer due to long-run hypertension. Even sudden rise of blood pressure may cause a brain stroke! It is also one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction!

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure


Are you feeling dizziness? Are you feeling pounding in the ear? Are you also feeling severe headache and neck pain? Immediately do measure your BP. Probably, you are suffering from High Blood Pressure. You may face dizziness also due to dehydration and if you are taking any medicine to control your BP.

dizziness, high blood pressure


Facial flushing

Facial flushing happens due to veins in the face stretch. It can happen eccentrically or because of specific triggers, for example, extreme sun exposure, chilly climate, fiery nourishments, wind, hot beverages, and skin items. Facial flushing can happen with passionate pressure, encounter to warm or heated water, liquor utilization, and exercise — all of which can raise circulatory strain briefly. While facial flushing may happen while your circulatory strain is higher than expected, hypertension isn't the reason for facial flushing. But if your face flushes without these reasons, you should measure you BP.

Sudden Vision Difficulties

If you are facing sudden vision difficulties, it may be due to high BP though there are several other reasons. So, it’s wiser to measure BP instantly before going to consult a doctor.

Breathing Difficulties And Chest Pain or Irregular Heart Beat

Further no delay, you must consult a doctor. These symptoms not only indicate that you are suffering from hypertension, but it also indicates that you are probably suffering from any heart disease.

chest pain and irregular heart beats 

Blood In Urine Or Blood Running From Your Nose 

Due to high blood pressure, you may find blood in the urine. Again if your nose is running with blood, it indicates that you are suffering from high BP. According to medical science during very high BP, blood runs from the nose is a good sign, which protects from brain damage or stroke!

Cause of Hypertension, the High Blood Pressure

Physical Inactivity

If you are lazy, and you don’t do proper physical exercise, the chances of high blood pressure arise dramatically. Gaining more weight not maintaining proper BMI will ensure you more diseases and hypertension will love to embrace you.

causes of hypertension

Consuming A Salt-Rich Diet In Association With Processed And Fatty Foods

Consuming a salt-rich diet and processed fatty foods, you are welcoming hypertension. Again if you are taking low potassium in your diet, it is triggering to encounter the high BP.

Alcohol And Smoking

Do you feel like that you are a hero when you light a cigarette? Great! You are loving to face high blood pressure. Alcohol consumption also triggers hypertension.

Certain Disease 

Certain disease like Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is one of the reasons for hypertension because kindney do not filter out fluid and this fluid excess leads to hypertension.

causes of hypertension



If your parents and grandparents are the patients of hypertension, you may also suffer hypertension, gifted by genetics!

Increase in Stress

Yes, in our day to day life the level of stress is increasing. Increase of the stress level is one of the reasons for hypertension. 

Prevention Of Hypertension:

Living a healthy lifestyle, you can lower your risk of Hypertension,These below habits help you to live strong life and prevent you from high blood pressure.

prevention to cure high BP,monitor BP regularly

Regular Exercise

Don’t be lazy. Be physically active. Exercise regularly to keep fit by maintaining an ideal weight as per your BMI. A lot of diseases will fly away out of your sight let alone hypertension!

Food Habit
Take balanced food daily. Avoid processed foods and salt-rich diets. Don’t forget to add the ideal potassium diet in your food.

Quit Smoking and Say bye to Alcohol

Smoking and Alcohol never ensure better health.These contribute to higher risk of Heart attack and stroke.Stop smoking and quit alcohal if you are addict of those as soon as possible.

Monitor BP Regularly

Monitor regularly so that you can consult to a doctor when it is necessary. You can get treatment at the beginning level if you monitor regularly.

Limit Your Stress Level

You certainly know that increase stress level invokes a lot of diseases. So, try to be cool. If necessary do meditation or Yoga or Reiki. 

“Prevention is better than cure”. So you have still time to take prevention and precaution against hypertension, the slow killing monster. Follow a healthy lifestyle and the tips to prevent hypertension that we have discussed. Surely, you will be able to guard yourself perfectly and strongly against hypertension. 

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