How dates benefit our Health and make our body Fit

The fruit of the date palm tree popularly knows as date have incredible health benefits. The scientific name of date is “Phoenix Dactylifera”, a fruit belonging to the Palm family that will provide you all the essential nutrients that your body needs to be healthy. Medjool dates are the most commonly consumed variety of dates. The most frequent queries of people are if dried skin dates are good or the smooth skin ones. Well, both of them have two different sides. Fresh dates are soft, small and are high in moisture while dried dates are chewy, large in size and have a slightly hard skin, are more concentrated than the smooth skin ones. Dried dates can provide you a high amount of calories comparatively the fresh ones. Not only that, dried dates contain a high amount of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. So, if you’re planning for weight loss, use fresh dates as it contains less calories and will help you to be healthy at the same time. Whereas if you’re not planning for weight loss, use dried dates as they contain more calories which will keep you energized throughout the day and will also provide you some of the most essential nutrients.


Here’s how dates benefit our health and help us to keep our body fit


Packed with energy
Dates can be your daily dose of energy as around 14 dates can provide you 288 calories. Also, along with calories, they provide a full packed does of essential nutrients like iron, fiber, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Dates are full of carbohydrates and as well all know very well, how carbs are so essential to keep you energized throughout the day.

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Much healthier substitution to sugar
Dates are naturally sweet and are less processed as compare to sugar. Sugar contains a high amount of calories which makes it a bad choice for the people who have diabetes as it will increase your blood sugar and can cause severe heart diseases. Dates on the other side, are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. All you need to do is to soak some dates in some water overnight. The next day, dates would become more smooth and soft making it easy to form its paste and that’s it! You’re all set to take a step towards a healthy life. Dates are a great binder hence you can even add them in your baked cookies instead of any other artificial sweetener or sugar.



Full of Fiber
A good amount of fiber is necessary to maintain the good health of your digestive system. Fiber helps in maintaining bowel movements, reducing cholesterol, helping in weight loss, reduces the risk of stroke, beneficial for your skin, helps in controlling your sugar level hence reducing the risk of diabetes. Dates provide all of these benefits of fiber along with some other essential nutrients. 100 gram of dates provides you 7 percent of fiber which fulfills one-third of the total fiber requirement per day.



A good source of antioxidants
Antioxidants help in fighting against the free radicals that are produced when your body is exposed to tobacco, smoke or any unhealthy molecules present in the environment. Free radicals encourage heart diseases, infections and severe diseases like cancer hence, it is very important to include a good amount of antioxidants in your diet. Dates are one of the fruits to have the highest content of antioxidants which are proven to fight against pancreatic cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.




Promotes healthy skin
Dates are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber needed to have healthier skin. Dates improve digestive health, reducing the issues of constipation and unhealthy bowel moments. They also help in eliminating toxins from your body making you more healthier from inside as well as from outside.



Shapes the future of bones
Dates are rich in phosphorus, iron, calcium, and magnesium. Phosphorus helps in strengthening teeth and bones while iron helps in treating anemia by promoting hemoglobin in the blood and Improving the health of the heart. Calcium as we all know, is essential to have strong and healthy bones. Not only bones but our muscles, nerves to need a good amount of calcium for their proper functioning.


May look after your brain health
Some scientist believes that dates can help in promoting brain health. As it contains all the essential nutrients such as fiber, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, B, E, C, K. Our brain needs sufficient amount of hemoglobin and oxygen for its proper functioning. Dates being rich in iron helps in promoting hemoglobin proving itself beneficial for brain health.

Here’s an overview!

A data of the nutrition value of per 100gm of dates



Vitamin A.  


Vitamin K  



















Many people believe that one needs to take extra nutrition supplements in order to keep themselves healthy which is not true at all. The nutrition supplement that we buy from medical shops are often processed and have a high amount of artificial sweetener, preservatives, artificial colors which cause more harm than good. Its always better to stick with the natural food products as they contain no artificial color, sweetener or harsh preservatives. Fruits like dates are a great example that we don’t need to rely on any extra supplements in order to take care of our health. Though dates are proven to be beneficial for our health, anything in excess can be harmful hence, it is suggested to moderate the intake of dates to provide you the best results.