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All you need to know about turmeric: Uses of Turmeric (Haldi)

If you are a big fan of Asian or Indian food then you can surely recognise the flavour of turmeric and the fragrance of it even with closed eyes! Talking about the uses of turmeric, it is widely used as fervour in Indian food and has a unique flavour of its own. But that is not all! Turmeric or 'Haldi' as it is natively called has uses beyond just being an ingredient to delicious and mouth-watering recipes. The uses of turmeric expand across various dimensions of life and that is why spice is no less than a 'wonder spice.' So, let us find out the uses of this yellow coloured spice across various parameters of life.

1. Used for medicinal purposes 

Turmeric has a significant presence of bioactive compounds because of which it promises bright medicinal uses. Curcumin is a substance present in turmeric which has wide antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties because of which turmeric is medically vital. Turmeric has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries in India and the Indian subcontinent and hence all of its medicinal uses have been proved at length beyond doubt. 

Haldi benefits for medicinal use

2. Used for Boosts concentration and sharpens memory 

Turmeric has also been proven to make you concentrate better and also to enhance your memory retention capabilities. Not only this but turmeric is known to improve the overall development of the brain and cognitive skills. Consuming turmeric in little proportions as one of the ingredients in foods gives you enough curcumin to keep the brain running smoothly and with hiked up efficiency. 

3. Used to heal wounds 

One of the most common uses of turmeric is that it is applied to wounds given its swift medicinal and healing properties. This has been a discovery of ancient times and it has carried forward to the modern times as well. While some people like to add a pinch of turmeric to milk in order to drink and speed up the healing process, others like to apply it directly to the wound for instant relief. 

Benefits of using Turmeric

4. Used to treat hay fever 

Turmeric works efficiently to fight off the symptoms of hay fever such as sneezing, itching, congestion, running nose and others. This benefit of turmeric or usage too is courtesy of the curcumin present in it. So, next time you are down with any of these symptoms, try turmeric! Maybe it will save you the pain of going to a doctor! Turmeric tea and turmeric milk will be a perfect beverage to have when you are looking to recover from hay fever. 

5. Used a natural face pack 

Turmeric also has beauty benefits much to your liking! Turmeric has fascinating antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties because of which it works brilliantly at making your skin more radiant and fighting any sort of acne or inflammations on your skin. You can make a variety of homemade face packs with turmeric by combining it with milk, lemon juice and a plethora of other options. Apply it on your face for a while and then rinse to see an instant glow. A lot of cosmetic face packs too claim to contain turmeric in order to attract customers. 

Benefits of Haldi as face pack

6. Used against high cholesterol conditions 

Turmeric is known to reduce the blood fats or the cholesterols present in the blood. Turmeric seems to lower the levels of triglycerides in the bloodstream and can hence be used as an effective remedy by those who have high cholesterol problems. Consuming moderate amounts of turmeric in a day as a part of your dishes would be enough to fight cholesterol. 

7. Used to prevent diabetes 

Ancient research shreds of evidence show that turmeric is very effective for preventing diabetes in those who are vulnerable to it or have prediabetes. Diabetes has become a widespread health problem of the contemporary world and turmeric might just be the simplest of all answers to it if these pieces of research are anything to go by. In order to let turmeric battle your diabetes, you must consume 500 to 1000 milligrams of curcumin per day. Adding turmeric to your daily food will hence make a lot of sense to reap the benefits of turmeric. 

Uses of Turmeric for Diabetes patient

8. Used to soothe joint pains 

Turmeric will always have more uses and benefits than we will ever know! Turmeric can also be used to reduce joint pains when taken alone or in combination with other herbal ingredients. It is said to bring relief and better functioning to those suffering from knee osteoarthritis. So next time you see an aged person complaining about joint pains, you can suggest turmeric to them for their good!

9. Used to cure skin rashes 

Turmeric because of the substances present in it is also used to cure the skin rashes or slight irritations that might be caused due to various reasons or infections. You can directly apply a paste of turmeric with milk or water on your rashes and take leverage from the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric. For instance, a lot of women have agreed to the fact that turmeric has worked better than any other cosmetics to treat acne and rashes. 

Uses of Haldi for Skin

10.Used to boost cardiovascular health 

One of the most significant uses of turmeric lies in its ability to boost the immunity and cardiovascular health of the body. Curcumin alone is known to battle more than 500 diseases which tell how medicinally equipped and effective this herb is. From improving cardiovascular health to preventing cancer, turmeric brings much more to your platter than just good taste. 

So, this precisely is the crux of the most amazing uses of turmeric and how you can take so many advantages from this herb


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