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5 Indian Celebs who defeated CANCER and Move On their Career

Currently, the news of Sonali Bendre came to spotlight that she has been suffering from Metastatic Cancer. When she revealed this the whole Bollywood including her fans shocked and as per the report, it came to know that it has been in a dangerous stage. She was in New York for the treatment.

Recently we came to know that she is returning to Mumbai and she is fully cured now, hope like other celebs she will move on to the RED Carpet again

Apart from here there are many more celebrities who went through this tough road, fought with this disease and won the battle and move on to their normal life.


Let’s have a look at the winner who successfully defeated Cancer

1Anurag Basu

5 Indian Celebs who defeated CANCER and Move On their Careervia

Very few people are there who can’t recognize this famous film director, Mr. Basu. In this winner list, you will get the name of Mr. Anurag Basu who was also a cancer survivor. Back in 2004, he defected with blood cancer, and the doctor declared his lifeline only for two months. But he beat the challenge and win the battle to rule the Bollywood again.

2Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj singh move on his career after recovering from deadly diseasevia

In 2011, India won the world cup, but after this glorious moment the Sixer king Yuvraj Singh detected some health issue, then he came to know that he was suffering by lungs cancer of 1st stage. He didn’t give up, rather he went to America for treatment and after a long survive he won against cancer and came back to the National team.


3. Lisa Ray

5 Indian Celebs who fight with CANCER and Move On their Careervia

A strong actress of Bollywood, she also didn’t give up and got the victory against cancer. Revert back in 2009, Lisa came to know that she was suffering from multiple Myeloma in blood. Without getting nervous she was determined to fight with this dangerous disease and she succeeds to get back her life again. Now she is the inspiration of other cancer victims. Being a celeb, she is now running a campaign called “Living with Cancer”, it helps the cancer patients.


4. Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala fight with CANCER

 The gorgeous Diva of Bollywood, the princess of Nepal also walked through this worst path. She was also the victim of ovarian cancer. For 3 years she continuously fought with this disease and after a strong fight and modern treatment in America she won the battle and came back in Bollywood with extra glamour. Recently she played the role of Nargis Dutt in the famous movie Sanju.


5. Tahira Kashyap

wife of Ayushman Khurana, Tahira Kashyap is another role model and inspirationvia

 The wife of Ayushman Khurana, Tahira Kashyap is another role model and inspiration who kicked of and overcome from the disease like breast cancer.  Recently she walked on the ramp arranged by Lakme Fashion. On the day of world Cancer, Tahira posted a picture of her backside which becomes viral within few hours. She is now fully cure and update her each and every status on social media. She is really a fighter who delicately fight with this disease and won this battel.


All of these celebs are a great inspiration for today’s youth. They teach us how to fight with your biggest problem and to overcome that. They are not only celebs, but they are also the real winners, real HEROS! Hats off to all of them!


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