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These types of teas beat your stress and anxiety

The best about tea is that any day you will have various types of exciting and exotic teas to choose from. You have probably underestimated the powers and prowess of teas. Tea is not only about that refreshing vibe you look for to begin the day with or to find energy in but tea also works wonders to eliminate any stress or anxiety issues which may pile up in your mind. Teas have the power of oxygen which makes you more relaxed and stressfree so that you can look at the good things in life rather than some little issues which might go wrong in the course of life. The following types of teas are unique in their own ways and they are amazing at taking care of stress and curiosity which may hinder your realisation of the fact that life is what you make of it and happiness will always lie inside you no matter how much you look for it outside.

"Here are the types of teas which bring peace and happiness to the soul"


Black Tea 

Black tea is one of the best tea to turn things in order to get rid of anxiety, dilemma and stress. Black tea is loaded with oxidants which help your stress and curiosity fade away and offers a higher caffeine content as compared to other forms of tea. The leaves undergo profound oxidation to absorb more oxygen from the air which makes black tea very refreshing and mood enhancing as it is allowed to wither for long after picking.  Try it for sure if you haven’t yet! Black is always gorgeous, isn’t it? 

Black tea benefits


Green Tea 

Green tea is and always be the home to the finest antioxidants properties a tea can offer. Not only green tea is a great thing to have in order to shed some extra pounds but it also helps a great deal to trigger freshness and subsume stress or anxiety. Since green tea leaves are allowed to wither only for some time, it offers a lower caffeine content as compared to black tea. Despite the lower caffeine content, the health benefits are multidimensional and highly attractive. Green tea is available in a plethora of flavours like mint, honey, basil and others which are rejuvenating and soothing. 

Benefits of Green Tea



White Tea 

If black tea is about magic, white tea is all about class. It is the most delicate of all teas and is highly popular for its natural sweetness. White tea is an amazing beverage to have when stress and anxiety are to be kept at bay. It is hand processed from the youngest shoots of the tea tree and is not made to undergo any magnitude of oxidation. 

Types of Tea


Oolong Tea 

Oolong tea is made to undergo partial oxidation. The caffeine content of oolong tea is somewhere between that of black tea and green tea which means it is moderately caffeinated. The tea has its own unique flavour and aroma which is not reminiscent to any other. The very aroma of the tea is way beyond the prerequisites of the charm you’re looking for in order to overshadow the stress and the anxiety gushing through you. Oolong tea is more like art! 

Oolong Tea



Puer Tea 

It’s a tea from China which is largely popular because of its brilliant medicinal properties including its contribution to good mental health. It has an intriguing earthly flavour and has a sense of enigma around it. It’s more like a Chinese secret lesser known to the world. The tea has a strong flavour and is packed with a high dose of caffeine to assault all your anxiety and stress. 

Puer Tea


Dark Tea 

It’s a flavoured and aged probiotic tea which once again finds its origin in some provinces of China. It’s naturally sweet and very smooth to consume. You almost feel like it’s flowing through you. Dark tea has the power to pull you out from the dark closets of stress and curiosity! 

Tea to beat stress



Holy Basil Tea 

Holy Basil tea is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent given the medicinal properties of Holy Basil which is also very capable of breaking through stress and anxiety. Not only does this flavour add a vibe to counter the stress gushing through you but it also brings great taste to the cup of tea. 

Types of Tea to help anxiety


Rose Tea 

Rose and tea? Yes! This is for real and it will make a great combination given the charm of rose water. Rose water has been proven to be very relaxing in nature and hence this recipe is for real. You can find varying recipes of rose tea over the internet and choose the one which is more convenient. Calls for a try at least!

Rose Tea


To summarise eventually, it can be evidently seen that tea works as an amazing stress buster and it brings you much more health benefits than what you would have ever thought. Breaking apart from the cliched definition of tea, there is a wide spectrum of refreshing teas which can do good for your inner peace and also instigate and sense of rejuvenation and happiness inside you.

So, which one are you trying next?




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