These Popular foods of different countries will blow your mind

Do you feel hungry whenever you smell some delicious meal?  If so, then you are in the right place! Today's topic is only for food lovers who love to taste various types of dishes. You will be amazed to know that most of us recognize some country names by its dishes. Isn't it? Like MOMO by hearing the name we can recognize CHINA, same Sushi from Japan, and BIRIYANI the taste of INDIA ( though India has many more flavors including veg and non-veg). So like that food reveals lots of information about that country. If you are curious about these things like what are the most popular dishes in the world and which country do they come from? Then being a foodie let's explore the authentic and signature tastes of various foods and dishes of different countries which will blow your mind.

So let's get started with the list of popular foods from different countries:

  • Som Tam, Thailand-  The som tam is Thailand's most famous salad, a mortar, and a pestle is used to pound garlic and chilies which is then tossed in fish juice, peanut, dried shrimp, tamarind juice, lime juice, tomatoes, string beans, sugar cane paste. With varieties of heated green papaya. It is enjoyed with a side of sticky rice, it can also be made with fermented fish source and crab. No matter the variety, the original always stands unique. 

           Famous food of Thaliand


  • Biriyani, India - If you are a Biriyani lover then you can now feel the smell and imagine the taste of this delicious food. Ahh! Yummy!! It is one of the delicious Indian dishes which is very popular and most of the Indians are crazy about it. It can be made with various types of meat, vegetables, and egg. This is basically a royal food which consists of Saffron, rice meat, vegetables and several types of spices, Biriyani has its own special Biriyani masala, that is why its fragrance is soo beautiful to make you hungry anytime. Though India has different food variations to keep your mouth satisfied as it is recognized as a nation with many delicious foods. 

          Indian Biryani

  • Pierogi, Poland - You can easily get dumplings to feel your stomach but there's nothing like a polish dumpling. Pierogi are delicious dumplings that are made in Poland, they can be filled with a variety of complements ranging from meat, fruits, sauerkraut, and cheese. They are then topped with either fried onions, melted butter, and sour cream. 

           Foods in Poland

  • Pastel de nata, Portugal- This is a delicious egg that pastry which is dusted with cinnamon. The pastel de nata is also known as the Portuguese custard tart. The pastel de nata can be so delicious that you will find yourself eating more without even keeping count. 

         Foods in Portugal

  • Tacos, Mexico-  Tacos is popular in the world as can be heard a lot, but not many people have had the opportunity to get a taste of this delicious food. Tacos are fresh handmade tortilla which is stuffed with small chunks of grilled beef which have been robbed in sea salts and oil. They are then covered with salasa, cilantro, guacamole, and onions. It can also be covered with whatever you may prefer and are mostly taken for breakfast. You'll be lucky not to add weight if you ever leave Mexico after eating this food. 

         Famous food of mexico

  • Chili crab, Singapore - If you want to talk about a food that gets you all to taste for it before you even have a taste then it's the chili crab from Singapore. It consists of mud crabs which are the deep fried in sweet, savory and chili tomatoes. This seafood is considered to be Singapore's national food for its popularity. 

          Popular foods of country

  • Neapolitan Pizza, Italy - If there's one thing Italy is known for them it's pizza, Italy is the home of pizza and the most delicious one is the Neapolitan pizza. It consists of fresh tomatoes, sea salt, high-grade wheat flours, olive oil, basil, and hand rolled dough. It is made with no cheese and yet is capable of delivering a mouth-watering taste. 

          Foods in Italy

Some people are there who travel the world just to relish some delicious foods. They love to have some signature dishes and authentic taste of foods for those places. If you are one of them, then don't be late, just pack your back and enjoy these Popular foods of different countries,indeed.