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List of Famous Street Foods in India

  Have you ever been curious about the street foods that are available in India? Like the Indians, their foods are also 'chatpata' means spicy. You may visit some big restaurant to have some delicious dishes but the flavor of street food is just amazing, no big chef can create that authentic taste. 

If you are a foodie then get ready to give your taste buds the best taste with Indian street foods. 

The only problem with these fast foods in India is that you will have a hard time, choosing from all the varieties. They have enough to make you lick your fingers just to get the full taste. To help you with your problem of choice, here is a list of most famous delicious fast foods in India.


Vada Pav:  Indians' will kick off the list without the vada pao street food, which is look alike burger. This is a vegetarian food as well as a native Maharashtrian dish.

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What is this Vada Pav? Deep fried potato dumpling which is called the Vada, served in a bread burn which is sliced through the middle almost in half. This food is served with compliments such as chili, peppers, and red or green chutneys. 


Indian Chaowmein: This one is very popular street food in India, there are very few people who don't like this dish at all.

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Indian don't count them as snacks lovers. Every type of people from every flavor loves this street food very much. Being it Chinese cuisine, Indians give their own tadka while frying this on a big tawa (frying fan). From a child to an adult or aged, vegetarian to a non-veg, every type of people can taste this street food as per their own choice of the digestion.



indian street foodsvia

Another foreign food, for which people are crazy about. This is one of the most popular street foods in India which consist of tangy spice red sauce with steamed dumplings that are located with either veggies or chickens. This street food is so irresistible that you can't ignore it.


Poha Jalebi: Don't miss to taste this delicious fast food which will leave you salivating after a taste. The Poha contains cooked flattened rice and is usually served with a unique combination of Kaleb, funnel seeds, sev, usal, nukti and sliced onions. And Jalebi one of the sweetest foods in India, it is made of white flour (maida), so this amazing combination provides you a taste of twist.  It has a mouthwatering taste which forces you to get back to the shop and have one more. 

poha jalebi indore

Mumbai Veg Sandwich:  Mumbai another land of teekha people who loved to have chili flavor almost on every item. You can see a lot of sandwiches being sold in India and in Mumbai it is special. What makes this sandwich stand out and popular is the spicy coriander chutney, black salt, and chaat masala.


Paani Puri:  Gol Gappa or Pani puri is the most common and favorite food that it is famous in almost every region  of India, mostly girls are crazy about it. The vendor serves it with a boiled mashed potato mixed with some spicy masalas along with the tok jol means sour water prepared with tamarind and lemon along with some spices. 

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Chhole Bhature:  Delhi, not only a capital of India,  is also a place for foodies. Various types of street foods you will get there. Chole Bhature is one of the delicious foods among those. It is a combination of spicy white chickpeas (chasa masala) and bhatura a fried bread that's made of soft wheat. If you get not have it, then go for it, after that you will search it again. 

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India is really the best place for foodies. You will get various types of foods and delicious dishes here on the street food, and to have these you don't need to dig a hole in your pocket.


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