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Coconut water benefits: Top reasons for it to be added in daily intake

In the world of health conscious people, where everyone wants to be fit and organic, coconut water proves to be a boon for humanity. With its ever-refreshing flavour and cooling properties, it also has many other qualities that make it a must-have in your daily intake. Let us know more about such properties.


Supply of nutrients and antioxidants:

Coconut water is found in the core of mostly young and fresh green coconuts. It can also be found in the ripped ones but the quantity differs. The water inside a coconut helps it to grow and ripe and with time, it is absorbed within the white flesh of the coconut. An average green coconut provides up to 240ml or 1 cup of water which is rich in nutrients such as carbs, fibre, protein, vitamin C, sodium, calcium etc.  Another important aspect of coconut water to be noticed is that it is rich in antioxidants. They prevent cells from getting damaged and improve our immunity against injuries and diseases. In fact, it can also help those who are suffering from liver damage.

Coconut water benefits: Top reasons for it to be added in daily intake

Helps against Diabetes and High Blood Pressure:

Coconut water is also effective for people suffering from a very common yet deadly disease, diabetes. With the kind of unhealthy food habits and consumption of sugar in our day to day life, diabetes is one common disease that can be found in any other person regardless of the age. Due to the presence of magnesium, coconut water increases the insulin sensitivity which ultimately results in lower blood sugar levels. Not just diabetes, coconut water also helps in controlling another very common problem of blood pressure.


Coconut water has a good amount of potassium required to reduce high blood pressure. People with frequent high blood pressure who consume coconut water on a daily basis have experienced a great lot of change in their health conditions. It also reduces the chances of blood clotting in your arteries.

Coconut water benefits: Top reasons for it to be added in daily intake

Best friend to Kidneys and heart:

People suffering from Kidney stones are advised to increase the intake of coconut water to clear up the stones. Usually, simple water can also be consumed but, coconut water not just helps in clearing stones but also helps in preventing the formation of stone again. Coconut water consists of 94% of water, as a result, it is believed to be beneficial for people suffering from kidney disease.


Anyone who had a kidney transplant or undergone any kidney operation must consume coconut water on a daily basis so that the water in it may clean the kidneys and other nutrients may replenish the rest of the requirements. Coconut water also helps in beating various heart diseases. It has proven to reduce cholesterol level in the blood. It might not work immediately or requires to be taken in a huge load to get the immediate effect, but if consumed on daily basis it can prove to be beneficial for a healthy heart.

coconut water Best friend to Kidneys and heartvia

A best and delicious way to hydrate:

With its sweet and nutty flavour, coconut water proves to be a unique and organic source of electrolytes after exercise or any other exertion. Any regular ports electrolytes beverage contains artificial minerals that give instant electrolyte and fluid balance in our body, but the artificial minerals might have bad effects as well. They might also include artificial colouring or sugar that can create a lot of problems in our body. Coconut water is one natural source of hydration and minerals and can work as an electrolyte beverage that too organic with no artificial substances. It can be taken after a hectic day, a walk, exercise or any other sports activity.


Coconut water can be consumed directly or can be used to make delicious cocktails.

Having said that, there is no reason why we should avoid such a gift of nature from our daily life, though packed products with added sugar and preservatives should be avoided.


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