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These are the insane nail art designs for which girls are crazy

As Tammy Taylor has rightly said, “A girl without pretty nails is like a night without stars” These days, nail designs have become a way for girls to add a flair of creativity to their personality. So, here’s to all the girly girls, be ready to get funky and creative with your art because, in this post, we will be listing some of the coolest nail designs you’d ever see.

Here’s a list of some of the insane nail designs for which girls are going crazy!

Fruit Slices
Fruits aren’t just good for eating, they are good to paint as well!
This season, get yourself this cool nail design which feels just as cool as it seems!

nail art designs


Polka dot 
There’s always that one trend that never goes out of style! This is it! This is super easy to paint yet is one of the coolest designs. 

polka dot


Rainbow nails
Doesn’t these look radiant and quirky? Get this nail design, and paint yourself colorful with the hues of rainbow! 

rainbow nail art

Flower power manicure
All you flower lovers, you have got one more reason to love flowers! This nail design doesn’t only looks elegant but would also add a touch of glamour to your personality.

nail polish designs

Ombre Sunset
 If you’re someone who loves sunsets, this nail design is going to be in your favorite list! The best part about this design is that you can use your creativity to mix two different shades and discover the magic by yourself.

nail designs

Kylie Jenner's Neon Stars
Get ready to go on an adventure of the outer space of stars and galaxies because Kylie’s new favorite nail design will pull you right into the world of stars!

simple nail designs

Once in a blue moon 
This one is super easy to paint yet is super adorable. All you need is a navy blue and silver polish, a piece of paper. That’s it! You’re ready to get your perfect start as a beginner!

nail paint designs

Heart inception nail art
Well, don’t you think the title itself says enough about this cute, fancy nail design? All you need are a few different shades of red/pink and voila! You’re all set to spread some love with your art!

nail paint for girls

Not all women are sweet, some are wild! Get this manicure and express your wildness with these wildflower nail art.

wildflower nail art

Robin’s Egg
As they say, there’s beauty in simplicity. This innovative nail design is so easy to create and more easy to fall in love with. You can even experiment with different colors and shades to give yourself a totally different feel and look!  

beautiful nail art design

Paint Splatter Nail Art
This one is sure to bring out the inner artist in you. Get ready to get the most colorful and the most artistic manicure you’d ever have. Go creative with this insane nail design!

beautiful nail art design images

Colorful Stripes
If you’re someone who loves wearing striped clothing, this is going to be your most useful nail design.
A manicure that’s sure to give you a simple and an elegant look!

easy nail paint designs


Tulip nail design
Tulips are some of the most beautiful flowers. They make everything look more beautiful and charming! With this manicure, get yourself some Tulip’s charm which will add a flair of uniqueness to you.

beautiful nail design

If you’re looking for a nail design that will set your day and will lift your mood with its cute curves and colors, Discoteca is a nail design you must consider.

easy nail designs

Bunny and Chick’s nail art
A manicure that is sure to put you in awe with its cuteness. Get this snazzy nail design which will steal hearts with its charm.

easy nail polish designs

Nail art is a trend nowadays, and there are no restrictions when it comes to art. Nail painting is just another way of expressing yourself, so don’t pull yourself back from experimenting with different styles, patterns, shades, in short, your very own creativity. Don’t just follow the trend, be the trend! 


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