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Top 20 classic Hindi old songs List Which may refresh your mind

There are so soothing and beautiful Hindi old melody songs which never really seem to get old. Everyone has a different Hindi old song list. We’ve been listening to these songs for years now and we still feel we haven’t had enough of them. No matter how many new melodies keep storming Bollywood, these famous old Hindi songs will always be formidable in our hearts given how alluring and pure they are. There’s magic in these songs enriched by the magical touch of the artists of that era which have rendered us with some of the most refreshing old melodious songs. We bring you a carefully picked list of the most classic Hindi old songs with take our breathe away even years later. 

Here is a dip back to the melodies of the past and if you’ve not heard any of these then you can add them to you Hindi old song list and thank us later. 


1. Ye Chand Sa Raushan Chehra 

One of the peppiest old Hindi songs which can just make your feet groove from the word go! It’s a beautiful track and a perfect one to deal with a monotonous day and get dancing with the love of your life. It’s a masterpiece from legendary Mohammed Rafi from the movie Kashmir ki Kali that was released in 1961. 


2. Neele Neele Ambar Par 

There have been quite a few remixes and recreations of this iconic song but nothing beats the original track. It’s an alluring track which personifies romance in the most astounding manner and takes you to a different world altogether. It is a wonderful song by Kishore e Kumar that came in 1983. 


3. Kya Khoob Lagti Ho 

This track is sheer gold! This track has all that you need to dedicate to your better half especially when she’s angry or mad at you. How about you dedicate it right away and make her blush? This song from the movie Dharmatma (1975) is no less than a romantic anthem of that era. 


4. Chand mera dil

Every time you look at the beauty of the moon in thoughts of love, this track perhaps automatically starts playing in your head and then you have all reasons in the world to smile about. It’s undoubtedly one of the best creations of Mohammed Rafi and it’s all sorts of enchanting and mesmerising. The song has been a romantic anthem since 1977.


5. Mere naseeb mien 

It’s one of those songs that just melt on your lips and stay there forever. It’s one of Lata Mangeshkar’s finest and an immortal track. This song has been a golden melody ever since its release in 1997. 


6. Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko 

No list of famous old Hindi songs is ever complete without this track. This is a scintillating romantic track and Asha Bhosle has done complete justice to the lyrics and the feel of the song. The song came in the year 1973. 


7. Yaadon ki baarat 

This song has two versions, one by the legendary Kishore  Kumar and other by the iconic Lata Mangeshkar. It’s one of the most soothing tracks ever. It was in 1973 that this song came in to stay forever. 


 8. Ek Ladki bheegi bhagi si 

 This is a fun song and also witty at the same time. Surely is one of the best old songs ever for it has a different vibe to it breaking apart from the flurry of emotional songs of that era. It is a Kishore e Kumar creation from 1958 

9. Jab zero diya mere bharat ne 

This is one of the most patriotic songs ever and rather the best of that era which talks about India’s glory. The song is from the movie Purab aur Paschim which was released in 1970 and sung by Mahendra Kapoor. 


10. Aane se uske aaye bahar 

This song from Jeene ki raah by Mohammad Rafi is a golden hit and not many songs of the new era can beat its charm. This song has been one of the best old songs ever since its release in 1969. 


11. Mere sapno ki raani kab aaegi tu 

This song is still the anthem of every lover boy. This song by Kishore  Kumar seemed so tailor made for Rajesh Khanna’s flair. It is a masterpiece by all means and the track was released in 1969.  


12. Main na bhoolunga 

This song from Roti Kapda aur Makaan has been sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh and this duo is one of the finest ever. The song came in 1974! 


13. Aate Jaate Khubsurat Awara Sadko pe 

This is once again a refreshing and melodic combination of Kishore  Kumar and Rajesh Khanna. One of the best old songs for a reason. The track unfurled in 1977.

14. Arre deewano mujhe pehchano 

This song has a completely different vibe to others and it breaks across the usual romantic genres into defining the ‘Don’ of Bollywood. This track is a gift from Kishore e Kumar from 1978. 


15. Kehdun tumhe ya chup rahun 

Looking for old songs for dance? Well, this one is perfect then! This peppy track made a great dance number back then. It is a Kishore  Kumar classic that came in 1975 with the superhit movie Deewar. 


16. Tera saath hai toh 

If you’re a Lata Mangeshkar fan then this has to be one of your favourites. It’s an emotionally alluring song that freezes time. The song came in 1981 and since then it has ruled our hearts. 


17. Chahunga main tujhe saanjh savere 

Great were the times when Mohammed Rafi never failed to produce one spectacular track after the other. This one too is an example of his class. The song is from movie Dosti which came in 1964. 


18. Shayad meri shadi ka khayal 

Marriages were so sacrosanct in those eras and so pure were the songs based on the idea of marriages. This track is all about that and also a great dance number. It is a song by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore  Kumar from the movie Souten which released in 1983


19. Ye reshmi zulfien 

 This is one of those songs which can actually bring time to a standstill. It’s such a beautiful track that your heart melts as it goes on. It is yet another enchanting Mohammed Rafi song that came in 1969.


20. Aaj mausam bada beimaan hai 

This is everyone’s favourite track and everyone knows it by heart. It’s another masterpiece from Mohammed Rafi. It is from the movie Loafer which hit the box office in 1973.



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