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These are Top 10 online games to play with friends

Playing online game with friends is one of the most amazing things in the world.with your best friends by your side, you can even go on to win the world let alone the virtual world of online gaming.in the modern era which draws its inspiration from the mounting digitalisation,friendship no longer get stronger with time but they rather get more affectionate while playing online games together.the internet is a mammoth world and there is wide range of multiplayer games online with friends to choose from.we have compiled a well mulled list of top 10 online games which you can enjoy with your friends in free time to have the best virtual experience.so what are we waiting for?

Here are top 10 online games you can play with your friends

10. Counter Strike Global Offensive

Going on a mission with your pals is an amazing feeling isn't it?counter strike has incessantly remained one of the most popular online game for a long time now and it is still loved by gaming maniacs.the personification of contemporary military engagements achieved by this game is the most intriguing thing about this game.

Top online games
Formats: PC, XBox One, XBox 360 and PS3

9. Heroes Of The Storm

This game is surely worth your attention.there is plethora of maps and objectives to achieve in this fascinating game which is all about action and heroism.it brings all heroes and villans to one place so as to stage the ultimate battle.

heroes of the storm
Formats: PC

8. Rocket League

Who would have imagined fancy cars playing soccer? isn't that the most unbelievable yet the most amazing thing ever? rocket league has made it big and no one really saw it coming.enjoy soccer in a different avatar altogether as speeding cars zip around you.

Rocket league
Formats: PC, PS4, XBox 1

7. league of legends:

Legend is what this game aims to redefine.the action and exhilaration you experience playing this game online with your friends is massive.it never hesitates to innovate and experiment with new changes which have made it one of the most popular game in the world.remember, there are more than 130 characters to choose from!

League of legends
Formats: PC

6. Payday 2

It is one of the most structured games and it is so much fun to plan and execute the heist which this game is about.you often plan something or the other with your friends and this game takes that to a whole new level.this game is all about teamwork and you need your best buddies to stand by you.

Online games to play
Format: PC

5. Divinity 2: Original Sin

This game is different from others in the manner that it has a greater bend towards more realistic things than just destruction,mayhem and chaos.divinity 2 has changed things a lot when it comes to online gaming and this is a must witness experience with your buddies if your group is crazy about gaming.just like the name suggests, the game has a lot of divine things about it.

online game with friends
Formats: PC, PS4

4. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4

This game never gets old and it incessantly remains one of the most loved and keen online game given the amount of zest and fun it offers when you play with your best friends.the blazing guns,high intensity greanade explosions,intense and intriguing missions all contribute immensely to the class of this game.there have been 20 gams in this series and that is evident enough to explain the craze this game has in the hearts of all the gamers who like to dwell more in the virtual world of online gaming.the gameplay is so smooth,brisk and satisfying that there is nothing you would ever have to complain about.

Online games to play
Formats: PC, PS4, XBox One

3. War Frame

How about taking the responsibility on our shoulders for helping the world get rid of a wide spectrum of bad guys? that sounds interesting already! you can totally do that especially when your friends are by your side in every act of valour you do. the exciting visuals and the smooth combat make this game standout from others in the same league.you must totally try your hands at war frame if you have not done that earlier.

Formats: PC, PS4, XBox


PUBG or players unknown battle ground takes gaming to an entirely different level! while you fight the ai bots in other games, here in pubg you taking on real humans who are putting all of their heart and soul in their performance just like you do.playing pubg with friends or rather making new friends while playing pubg is a phenomenon which has gained massive popularity in recent times and the graph of this mounting popularity is exponential.you never know if you just end up fighting the love of your life while playing pubg.

PUBG game
Format: PC

1. Fortnite

Fortnite is trending everywhere and everyone seems to be playing it with the best of their friends.the world is absolutely in love with fornight right now for all the good reasons in the world.it is a battle royal game which is all about traps and strategies.you and your friends will totally love this overwhelming experience which just gets bigs on you.



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