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Most versatile actors in Bollywood who are known for their perfect timings

India is known for many reasons throughout the world and one of the biggest reasons will be their movie industry. Bollywood is the biggest movie industry in the world when it comes to the number of movies produced each year. With the number of movies, they produce, they have some of the best actors in the world.


They have actors who are capable of playing any role and delivering just the right actions that were needed to deliver the storyline of the movie. Everyone loves these actors as their hard work has proven to pay off. Their versatility is what has made them so popular and successful in the movie industry. Some of the most versatile actors in India Include,

1. Akshay Kumar


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Akshay Kumar known as the KHILADI made his success from scratch with all his hard work and dedication. He is capable of taking any role and making it his own, he has featured in action movies, romantic movies, drama etc. you name it. He can make any role he plays to come out like a masterpiece, he is also perfect with his facial timings and well-timed punch lines. Since his debut in Mahesh Bhatt's Aaj as a martial arts teacher, he has grown to become more successful and become India's most versatile actor.

2.  Amitabh Bachchan


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Amitabh Bachchan known the SHAHENSHAH of Bollywood, he is a living legend in the Indian movie industry, he is an actor, a director, producer, TV host and a former politician. You can see how capable he is in doing many things and so is he when it comes to his acting skills.


He has quite a long acting career and is even considered to be one of the best Indian actors of all time because of his non-stop ability to play whatever role at his best. Whatever role he's given he is capable of delivering it with some extra touch.

3. Shahrukh Khan


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The Bollywood BAADSHAH, Shahrukh Khan is still now the heart-throb of all the ladies. He is the master of stealing hearts without saying a word. King Khan, is also a style icon for today's youth.  This star started his journey with a small tv show circus. To prove his depth and dedication toward the acting he played some negative roles also, which are till now the milestone. Shahrukh Khan has featured in many Indian movies and played different roles always giving the best results. He is capable of putting his emotion into the picture and knows just when to deliver the perfect timings for each word and facial expression.

4. Aamir Khan


Aamir Khan, known as the Perfectionist who presents his fans back to back hit and some awesome iconic roles. Throughout his 30 years career, Aamir Khan has paved the way to become a national treasure in India with his acting skills. He has so many movie awards under his collection thanks to his great versatile movie career over his 30 years running. If there's one actor capable of picking up any role and making it look like a piece of cake then Aamir Khan is your guy. He can successfully blend to any movie and still make you fall in love with his character.


5. Ajay Devgan


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The "SINGHAM" of Bollywood, how can we forget this versatile actor who started his career with the film "Phool Aur Kaante" and got the film fare award for Best Male Debut for his performance and after that he presented us some iconic roles and movies. He may look so serious and shy but his acting style is so sharp, he made us pleased with biopic role of Bhagat Singh. In "Omkara" he proved how much versatile he is. Despite having a serious image he nailed in Golmaal series,  he is such a wonderful comedian or witty character also. 


6. Ranveer Sing


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He is most energetic and high voltage actor in Bollywood. You never see that Ranveer is in "Thanda mejaj" means calm and cool, he is always like a star or you can say Raunak of that event or place. He started his career with  "Band Bajaa Barat" and received the award for best debut male actor for his performance. He proved his versatility in the various films. He always impressed his fans by his acting style which shows the dedication towards his career. He impressed the whole Bollywood as well as the critics by showing his acting depth and versatility in the role of Khiljee,  in " PADMAAVAT" 

The actors mentioned above are so versatile that you won't feel strange seeing them acting in other roles because there's one thing they are sure to deliver and that's perfection.


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