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Kapil Sharma or Sunil Grover: whose show getting more TRP

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover fight are not unknown to anyone. The two great comedians got a fight 2 years ago in air and after that the world known Kapil Sharma show got wrapped in a bad way. Both comedians had so much envy for each other may be not on screen. Kapil showed his apologies for Sunil on social media, but Sunil didn’t get ready to work with him again.



Kapil apologies to sunil on twitter 

After his show wrapping, Kapil had gone through depression as we have seen last year and still can notice. After that they couldn't be able to come along anymore, the reason was told as Kapil is annoying, unpunctual, cruel and what not but who knows the reality! After 2 years now a new battle has just begun. Both launched their own shows on different channel as well. The "Kapil Sharma show" is back on 29 December last year on Sony television and in the same month Sunil launched his new show "Kanpur vale Khuranas" on Starplus.



This similarity can be a reason for his low TRP

Kapil Sharma or Sunil Grover: whose show getting more TRPvia

Sunil came with so many former artist of "Kapil Sharma show" as Ali Asgar(used to play the nanny's role), Upasna singh(used to play the bua's role), Sugandha Mishra(used to play a teacher's role) and the same home, idea of treating celebrity as a guest, Farah khan as neighbour, colony like set format too, viewers found everything the same in this show except Kapil Sharma. Sunil himself played a world known character in his show which was “Dr. Mashoor Gulati” and Did you all notice if his show name reminds you a character from the Kapil Sharma show, “Mr. Khurana!”, the person used to wear a pink bath robe and taunt everyone mujhe ye baat bilkul pasand nahi aayi, aathoo!”. All these similar things might be a huge reason for what his show couldn’t get much TRP, and most of the people don't even know he is running a show. Last year his movie “Patakha” has released, he did great work in it. He is a junior artist and used to do work in films as well. He might have so many parallel projects. Bollywood is kind of his dream too. But he is trying to stand himself on television too. Kapil seems like a pillar in the show or we say "Daal me Tadka". Without “Tadka” Daal is going to be ordinary with no doubt!


His ordinary shampoo jokes can be a reason of his TRP

Kapil Sharma with bollywood actorvia

On the other side Kapil launched the same show again on the same platform with some new and some old artists, he got something new at least, he knows well how to blow public mind and after that the "Comedy Queen" and his struggling time friend, 2 years ago married Bharti Singh, who has great fan following and is like one-man army in her specific genre.


They both worked in comedy circus at their struggling time. Sumona Chakraborty is still supporting them, previous week Salman khan came as celebrity guest on his show, he has good professional connection with all celebrity which increase his show TRP.

Kapil Sharma fansvia

He knows how to be humble in a rude way, according to his genre of comedy. Viewers have some sort of real connection with him, reason can be his ordinary toothpaste, oil, shampoo jokes due to his hilarious sense of humour. He talks about ordinary life, normal people life and put up weird questions to the celebrities. He has the quality of Leader, which make him more close to the viewers and gives good output too. For Kapil Sharma fans its good news he is again coming back, and going well but for Sunil Grover fans we got a statement.


On asking about Sunil show, and on comparing with Kapil Sharma show, he said "I am happy that I came back, I lost my genre between past year, set and artist can be the same but the story can be told in a different way too, I am looking forward for it" so yes for his fans, it's quite good that he didn't give up yet and he is confident enough to get his goal, let's wish him good luck.

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