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2019 Forbes winner Virat Kohli Net Worth Will Give You Chills Down Your Spine! Know What this Tycoon Owns

Cricket has been a part of the world since the 18th century, but only a few sovereigns have sculpted their names on every fan’s mind. Talking about the true cricket warriors, this century has welcomed a young, yet spectacular king to the sport, that is, Virat Kohli. 


Kohli, aka Chiku, is one of the most known prominent  Padma Shri winner sportsman, who raised the bars for the cricketers way too high. Do you remember the days when we only got to see the cricketers on classic after-match interviews? And now they are ruling Bollywood, Hollywood as well as the ad industry. Well, believe me, or not, but this drastic raise to the players was initiated by none other than Kohli. 

Not just a winner in the field, but this man has been winning money and hearts, all like a pro! With a wide and limitless fanbase, he is bringing a lot in the market. Always wanted to know how much this sports tycoon earns? Well, we all wanted to. 

So after all the research, we bring you Virat Kohli net worth, which by the way, is not too loudly disclosed! 

Breaking the tension, I bring you the net worth of the great Virat Kohli as of 2020, which is 252.72 crores! Huge enough to feel shallow? Yes, we all are digging pockets now, but know how this winner has achieved not only popularity but fancy finances. 

Virat is backed up as A+ category with BCCI, which means he owns an annual contract which is estimated to be 6.7 crores. Also, he owns a 17+ crore deal with Royal Challengers Bangalore with IPL, making him one of the richest men in the sports. 

Virat also owns his very own fashion brand, Wrogn. It is a top-notch brand with a best-in-class collection of footwear and clothing. Also, he owns a franchisee of a renowned South American restaurant chain, Nueva. 

He also has invested money in various teams like Chisel Fitness, UAE Royals, Sport Convo, Bengaluru Yodhas, Stepathlon Kids, FC Goa and more.  


Started off as a young cricketer, now this man has reached all the goals one could ever have. Not only this, but Virat also is involved in a lot of charity work. Regardless of borders or genders, this man has helped thousands of people without any expectation of appreciation or recognition. 

A man of gold? Yes, he is.

I know by this time you are planning to propose this man, but to your bad luck, this hot piece of cake has been married last year to the beautiful Bollywood diva, Anushka Sharma, in the beauty of Italy. 

Well after knowing him through this article, I believe we all think he deserves whatever he owns, and more! 


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